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  1. President Wilson sent General Pershing into Mexico to
    chase Pancho Villa
  2. For two years after the war began in Europe, the Wilson administration pursued a policy that stressed
  3. Racial conflict among Americans during World War I resulted from
    the movement of southern blacks to northern cities.
  4. The wartime Espionage and Sedition Acts
    were upheld by the Supreme Court, led to the conviction of more than 1,000 people, hit hard at socialists and radicals.
  5. "Free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic," said
    Oliver Wendell Holmes.
  6. Wilson's failure to take a major Republican to the postwar peace conference was a mistake because
    the Republicans controlled Congress
  7. After World War I, the Senate
    defeated the Treaty of Versailles
  8. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge
    proposed some amendments to the Treaty of Versailles.
  9. Sussex Pledge
    after signing a petion to not sink us boats germans sunk the sussex implied the virtual abond on merit of the submarine welfare.
  10. Adamson Act
    brought by the threaned strike of railroad unions demanding 8 hour work days. required 8 hour work day, time and half overtime and appointed a commission to study working conditions.
  11. US neutrality policy
    did not want in the ware. declared ration neaural but allowed business to extend credit to the allies to purchase food and military supplies. germans outraged by one of the unlimited submarine welfare
  12. Scheneck VS US
    convicted a man for circulating anti-draft leaflets among members of armed forces. act applies where there is clean and present danger that might create evils. congress had right to intervene.
  13. Election of 1916
    Wilson (democrate) Huges (republican). Wilson pledged to keep america out of war and promote progressiveness. narrow victory for wilson
  14. Treaty of Versailles
    Peace treaty to end ww1 germany to accept the respect of germany and her allies for causing the loss and dmaage during the war forced germany to disarm and pay reerrections.
  15. america beliefe after ww1
    red scare and race riots
  16. ww1
    archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assinated. Austria-Hungary wanted to punish Serbia for the muder. Russia formed an army to help Serbia. Triple Alliance or Central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and italy. Triple entente or Cental powers were france, great britian, and russia. Germany declared ware on russia and france. Germany invaded belgium to get at france and GB joined. Was a trench ware that had machine guns, rifles, poison gas, flame throwers, landmind, tanks. etc. America joined after Germany sunk more us ships. in 1917 3 years after war began.
  17. The postwar Red Scare was aimed at
    Bolsheviks, radicals, and aliens.
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