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  1. Modernism included
    impressionism in art and Freudianism in psychology.
  2. The Scopes trial involved
    teaching evolution in public school.
  3. The Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution
    established Prohibition.
  4. According to the New York Times in 1929, "the feminine right to
    equal representation in smoking, drinking, swearing, petting, and
    upsetting the community peace" was established by
    the flapper.
  5. Margaret Sanger was a leading proponent of
    birth control
  6. The NAACP sought to solve racial problems by
    focusing on the legal challenges to discrimination.
  7. The scientific work of Einstein, Heisenberg, and others
    suggested that there is a limit to our ability to understand the universe
  8. All of you young people who served in the war, you are a lost generation," said
    Gertrude Stein.
  9. effects of prohibition
    liquor industry rose 2nd in size next to auto. speak easy, social innovation and increase in drinking in women.
  10. KKK in the 1920s
    Devoted to 100% amerianism. members only native born white protestans. expanded from the south to the north and mid west. were against jews, roman cathoilics, and blacks.
  11. Al Capone
    Scarface. bootlegging, prostetution, gambling empire that brought him over $60 million. could not bring enough evidence against him. tried for tax evasion in 1931 sentened to 11 years
  12. NAACP
    national association for the advancement of colored people. 1910. white progressives and black activists. solution to social problems begins with informing the people. wanted to bring 14th and 15th amendment back to life.
  13. William Faulkner wrote about
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