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  1. In the 1920s, progressivism
    remained strong in Congress.
  2. The chief justice of the Supreme Court appointed by President Harding was
    William Howard Taft
  3. Harding was more progressive than Wilson in matters dealing with
  4. "I have no trouble with my enemies, I can take care of my enemies all
    right.  But my damn friends...they're the ones that keep me walking the
    floor at night," said
    Warren Harding
  5. The Teapot Dome scandal involved
    an oil deposit in Wyoming.
  6. As secretary of commerce, Herbert Hoover promoted
    federal regulation of the radio and airline industries.
  7. Organized labor in the 1920s was weakened by
    the Red Scare.yellow dog" contracts. welfare capitalism.
  8. The Hawley-Smoot Tariff of 1930
    raised rates to all-time highs.
  9. Harding
    Promised to return to normalacy. Republican.
  10. Coolidge
    VP during harding. took presidency after harding died. wanted to regulate bussiness and industry, reduce taxes and national debt. 1st pres. to talk to the nation on the radio.
  11. Buying on the margin
    For stocks people could make a small down payment and borrow the rest from a broken who held the stock as security against a down market. If stock declined and buyer failed to meet his margin broker sold the stock for the part that was on the margin.
  12. 1st model motion picture
    1896 in new york
  13. Social security act
    fed grants in aid for old age assistance. dependent children, blind, and materal or child welfare. funded by payroll rax at a fixed rate.
  14. Hoover's approach to recovery placed an emphasis on
    the voluntary efforts of the people.
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