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  1. In FDR's 1933 inaugural address, he said,
    "[T]he only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
  2. The National Industrial Recovery Act provided for
    $3.3 billion in spending through the PWA.  codes of fair practice for industries.the right of workers to form unions.
  3. The generation of cheap electricity was a major purpose of the
    Tennessee Valley Authority.
  4. The dust storms on the southern plains were especially bad in the 1930s because
    of the overfarming techniques of industrial agriculture.
  5. The New Deal's "cornerstone" and "supreme achievement," according to FDR, was
    Social Security
  6. Eleanor Roosevelt helped the president by
    taking political risks he could not take.
  7. The Share Our Wealth program was proposed by
    Huey Long.
  8. The Supreme Court packing plan was defeated in part because of
    a change in the Court's direction in rulings on key measures
  9. John Steinbeck
    Wrote the Grapes of Wrath. dust bowl migrations. traveled with okies to california.
  10. Franklin Roosevelt
    Democrat. Aristocrat and traditionalist. Had polio. brought the new deal. evasive on tariff. wanted to repeal prohibition. revitalized economy would require national planning. Fireside chats once a week on the radio.
  11. Agricultural Adjustment Act AAA
    reestablished earlier program but left out processing taxes. benefit payments came from gen. fed. funds. they sought to raise prices for crops and herds by paying farmers to reduce production. plow over program.
  12. Lindbergh
    1st solo transatlantic flight in 1927
  13. The Fair Labor Standards Act provided for all of the following except
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