LAW 4 Eligibility, Privileges, Limitations

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  1. Under Part 61.103 describe allowance for student to fly with an instructor

    May not manipulate controls unless
    • Receiving Dual instruction from qualified instructor who occupies pilot seat
    • Acting in PIC in accordance with 61.105
  2. requirements to go solo with no license under 61.105?
    • 16 years of age
    • Class 2 Med
    • Adequate English Skills
    • Authorized by Cat A,B,C except first solo by B or C cat only.
    • Logbook competencies signed off by A,B cat
    • Received dual instruction over last 5 hours unless authorized by A,B cat.
    • Has flown type in last 30 days
    • If X-Country, then authorised by A,b Cat and they person holds exam credit
  3. Limitations on Person who does not hold a current license 61.107
    • Not for remuneration
    • Not if aircraft for hire or reward
    • On an international flight
    • Only flight instructor or examiner carried.
  4. Eligibility for issue of ATPL
    • 21 Years of Age
    • current CPL and Instrument Rating
    • 1500 total hours
    • Exams done
    • Flight test (Multi 5700kg or suitable to the director or ZFT approved for ATPLs)
  5. Privileges of ATPL
    • All of PPL and CPL
    • PIC on A/C where Co-Pilot is required on Air transport Op, or Op for Hire or Reward.
  6. State Recency for PIC on Air Op with ATPL
    • within last 90 days
    • - 3 take-offs and landings of A/C or ZFT as PIC
    • - Or, Has demonstrated to authorised flight examiner continued competency, or demonstrated competency in take off and landing during the day.
    • - Only 1 of the 3 landings can be with autoland
  7. State requirements for Biennial flight review
    • Must have Biennial review every 24 months
    • Except flight crew competency checks under 119, 121, 125, 135, or is current Ag pilot, or current A,B,C cat instructor
    • Must be conducted by appropriately qualified instructor
    • Consist of instruction to review manoeuvres  for appropriate license
    • After BFR instructor must enter an appropriate record into logbook, and submit BFR form to CAA and pilot

  8. State the period within which a part 121/125 IFR pilot must have passed a check ride in the same A/C type

    And how long between written or oral tests on systems and SOPs etc

    And how long between written or oral tests on route and aerodrome proficiency

    What is the grace period for these
    check ride every 6 Months (same as Susi)

    Written or Oral for systems and stuff every 12 months.

    Test on routes and Aerodromes every 12 months

    60 days before to 1 calender month afterwards, deems you to have taken it on the date.
  9. State Currency Requirements of Instrument rating
    • Every 12 months- flight check with examiner
    • Every 3 months- if no check ride, have done 3 hours instrument time which must have 1 hours of instrument flight time,
    • Every 3 months- 3 approaches, 1 of which can be in a sim
    • Must be in a multi to stay multi current
    • Must be using a similar type of Nav System
    • Or have satisfied AOC 121,125 requirements
    • If you dont meet the 3 months recurrency rules you can still be a P2 on a non Air op.
  10. State Currency requirements for carrying out a type of instrument approach.
    1 every 3 months on a similar approach

    • ILS & PAR are similar
    • VOR, NDB, GPS, LLZ are similar
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