Chapter 15

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  1. adnexa
    appendages or accessory structures of an organ
  2. bony pelvis
    four bones of the pelvis that make up the lower part of the trunk of the body; serves to support the upper body and protect the pelvic organs
  3. breech
    intrauterine position of a fetus in which the buttocks or feet present first
  4. cesarean section
    surgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus are incised to deliver a baby
  5. corpus luteum
    small mass of yellow-colored tissue that develops on the ovary and that grows within the ruptured ovarian follicle after ovulation; responsible for secreting progesterone to maintain the high level of vascular supply to the uterine endometrium for the purposes of implantation and pregnancy
  6. CPD
    persistent diseases of the lung, such as asthma or bronchopulmonary dysplasia, that interfere with normal breathing
  7. curettage
    removal of tissue with a blunt or sharp curette by scraping the surface; performed to remove abnormal tissue, to obtain tissue for examination and diagnostic purposes, or to remove tissue from infected areas
  8. DUB
    abnormal uterine bleeding that is not due to a tumor, pregnancy, or infection, and occurs when menstruation is not taking place
  9. dystocia
    difficult labor due to various reasons, such as cephalopelvic distortion, fetus size, or condition or position of fetus
  10. episiotomy
    surgical incision of perineum to enlarge the vaginal opening and prevent tearing of the perineum and muscles during delivery
  11. exenteration
    refers to total removal of; usually used in reference to the surgical procedure of total pelvic exenteration, which involves the removal of the vagina, uterus and cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, and rectum for surgical treatment of cancer
  12. fimbria
    finger-like structures that form on an edge, such as the fimbria of the fallopian tubes
  13. fistula
    abnormal communication between two normally separate internal structures, or an abnormal communication between an internal structure and the body surface
  14. gravida
    refers to the pregnant female; the first pregnancy is referred to as gravida I; additional pregnancies are numbered sequentially
  15. LEEP
    surgical procedure that uses the electrosurgical unit coupled to a loop electrode on the cautery pencil; used to excise a cone of tissue to remove an area of neoplasia
  16. ligament
    band of fibrous tissue composed of collagen that connects bone to bone
  17. marsupialization
    incision of a closed cavity with the suturing of the opened edges to the wall of the wound to form an open wound that will heal by second intention
  18. myoma
    benign fibroid tumor of the uterus
  19. occiput anterior
    most common relationship between the presenting fetal part and the maternal body pelvis
  20. parity
    classification used to indicate the number of live and stillborn births that a female has delivered at more than 20 weeks of gestation
  21. perineum
    area between the posterior portion of the vagina or scrotum and the opening of the anus
  22. Pfannenstiel
    surgical transverse incision made in the lower abdomen, usually employed when performing a cesarean section
  23. vestibule
    opening that serves as the entrance to a passageway, such as the vestibule of the vagina
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