LAW 5 Airworthiness of A/C and Equipment

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  1. State the Documents which must be carried in an NZ operated A/C 91.111
    • Airworthiness Cert
    • Flight manual
    • Tech Log
    • Weight and Balance data
    • Radio Approval
    • For NZ a/c outside NZ
    • - Radio Users License
    • - Certificate or Registration
    • For Foreign a/c within NZ
    • - Cert of Registration
    • - Evidence of noise and emission compliance
  2. State maintenance records requirements
    • for every type of a/c except class 1 microlight
    • - For every part with TBO from manufacturer, must have accurate records.
    • kept until next maintenance of same part or for 5 years
    • Details of accident or damage must be recorded
    • Must keep tech log for 12 months after last entry
  3. State the requirements for conducting an operational flight check on an a/c (without current airworthiness cert)
    • A type cert for the a/c is in force
    • engo has certified fit for flight
    • PIC has current type rating
    • No other person is carried unless performing an essential function
  4. Test Pilot Requirments
    Hold Valid License and has approval from the director for the testing taking place
  5. State Inspection Period for radios
    State Inspection Period for altimeters
    State Inspection Period for Transponders
    State Inspection Period for ELTS
    • Radios Under IFR every 24 months
    • Altimeters every 24 months or after static system has been opened for maintenance
    • Transponders every 24 months
    • ELT every 12 months or 100hrs under 43 or 119, otherwise every 24 months in accordance with manufacturers instructions
    • - Or after battery has been replaced
  6. State inspection planning latitude (Extensions)
    • 10% unless expressly prohibited by rules.
    • Must not and up cumulative of course
  7. State part 121 Requirements for GPWS
    State part 121 Requirements for TAWS
    State part 121 Requirements for ACAS II
    • All turbine a/c must have GPWS or TAWS class A
    • All Turbine a/c manufactured after after april fools 2002 must have TAWS Class A
    • - all 121 a/c must have it now (by 2007)

    ACAS - everyone but Convair 580 and F27 freight

  8. State Night VFR instruments and equipment
    • Turn and Slip indicator
    • Position Lights
    • Anti-cols
    • Illumination for all instruments
    • - note a/c with 3rd A/H does not need a turn and slip indicator
  9. Minimum IFR instrument requirements
    • Attitude indicator by gyroscopic or inertial
    • Magnetic heading by gyroscopic or inertial
    • good power supply to gyroscopic
    • Altimeter in Ft with adjustable QNH
    • OAT
    • Time down to seconds
    • ASI in Knots with means to prevent malfunction due to condensation or icing
    • VSI
  10. State minimum Coms and Nav Equipments for IFR flight
    • Coms equipment that meet level 1 and have continuous 2 way coms with ATC
    • Nav system that meets Level 1 and will enable a/c to proceed with
    • -- the flight plan required
    • -- the designated RNP airspace where required
    • -- the requirements of ATC
    • RNP gear must be approved by the Director
    • a/c in MNPS airspace must have MNPS gear approved by the director
  11. state requirements of a/c operating in RVSM Airspace
    • An a/c operating in 1000ft RVSM above FL290 must be
    • -- Approved by director for operation in airspace concerned

    • Have equipment capable of showing
    • -- FL being flown
    • -- Automatically maintaining selected flight level
    • -- Provide Aural and visual alert when deviating 200ft (after 1997) 300ft (before 1997)
    • -- Automatically reporting pressure altitude that can be switched from 1 of 2 systems
  12. State Coms and Nav redundancy for air transport op
    Must have capability so that if an independent Nav or Com system fails, you can still complete the flight.

    Also - All TurboJet and TurboFan a/c must have a 3rd Attitude indicator
  13. Emergency Equipment, a/c Over 10 seats must have how many first aid kits, and how many Fire Extinguishers? Part 91 and 121?

    Is an Axe necessary?

    Is a megaphone necessary?
    1 first Aid kit for every 100 pax

    • 1 FE accessible to crew at
    • -- Each Class A,B & E Cargo compartment
    • -- On or near flight deck accessible to flight crew
    • -- In every Galley (regardless of position)
    • -- In Cabin, 1 for every 30 pax up to 60, then every 100

    Axe is required for all a/c over 20 pax

    Megaphones required over 61 pax. 2 required over 100 pax

    • For Part 121, disregard 10 and 20 seat limits, they must all have FH and First AID kits
    • ALSO! flights over 120mins must have emergency mad kits for doctor!!
  14. Part 121 Requirements for night flight?
    • A landing light
    • A light in each Pax Compartment
  15. 121 requirements for Locating protective breathing equipment?
    • 1- Is conveniently located and easily accessible to
    • (i)Flight crew in normal seated position
    • (ii) Crew member

    • 2- is installed
    • (i) on the flight deck
    • (ii)in each pax compartment within 1m of any required FE
    • (iii) in a galley that has a FE

    3- Is accessible to crew outside A, B, E Cargo compartments
  16. Requirements for Alt Alerting system, and assigned Alt indicator system.
    TurboJets and TurboFans must have an alerting System

    Anybody else under IFR must have an indicator easily accessible to flight crew.
  17. Requirements for an automatic ELT
    • May be operated without an automatic ELT
    • -- Ferrying to place of install of ELT, or onward to other repair joint if needed, but no PAX
    • -- for 7 days with ELT (S) or PLB
    • -- single seat planes and gliders etc with ELT (S) or PLB
  18. Requirements for 406 ELT or EPRIB or PLB or ELT(S)
    • ELT
    • --ITU country code (NZ or Foreign reg a/c)
    • --ELT Serial
    • --24 bit a/c address
    • --ICAO operator code
    • All others
    • -- ITU Country Code
    • -- unique code for the device

    The owner has registered the contact details with search and rescue
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