Disease 10 - Conjunctivitis

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  1. Acute bacterial conj?
    • sx: acute, red, gritty, burning, discharge- mucopurulent, bilateral, papillary reaction- tarsal, lids stuck together on waking, conjunctival unjection, eyelid edema, superficial punctate conreal staining
    • tx: antibiotics
  2. gonococcal keratoconj?
    • bacterial
    • sx: purulent discharge, chemosis, eyelid swelling, hyperaemia, pseudomembrane
    • worst case: ulceration, perforation, endophthalmitis
    • tx: antibiotics
  3. meningococcal conjunctivits?
    • kids
    • assoc subconjunctival haemorrhages
    • keratitis, ulceration
    • tx: antibiotics
  4. Trachoma serotypes A-C?
    classic trachoma
  5. Trachoma serotypes D-K?
    • adult- STI
    • neonatal
  6. adult chlamydial keratoconju?
    • sx: bi.uni redness, watery, mucopurulent discharge
    • large follicles, inf fornices
    • peripheral corneal infiltrates
    • tx: erythromycin/tetracycline
  7. What is arlt's line?
    conjunctival scar seen in adult chlamydial KC
  8. What are the clinical features of the 2 stages og trachoma?
    • active: conj follicular, mucopur, cornea- limbal follicls, pannus, punctate keratitis
    • cicatricial: trachomatous scarring
  9. Trachoma tx?
    • SAFE
    • S: surgery
    • A: antibiotics
    • F: facial cleanliness
    • E: enviro improvement
  10. neonatal conj?
    bilateral conjunctival inflammation
  11. Adenoviral KC?
    • viral: PCF- kids, keratitis, mild
    • EKC- VERY contagious, keratitis
  12. Adenoviral KC sx and tx?
    • sx: acute watery, redness, follicles, photophobia, pink eye
    • severe: chemosis, pseudo
    • tx: hygiene, stop CL, spontaneous, tear supps
  13. Molluscum contagiosum?
    • kids, immuno, DNA poxvirus
    • sx: waxy eyelid nodules, chronic, unilateral, irritation, self limiting, mild discharge
  14. acute haemorrhagic conj?
    • rapid onset and resolution
    • sx: bilateral burning, watering, discharge, lid swelling, follicular, subc haem
  15. acute allergic rhinoconj?
    • transient acute attacks of redness, watering, itching, sneezing and nasal discharge
    • develop allergies in childhood
    • sx: lid edema, chemosis, conj edema, mild papillary action
  16. SAC?
    • hayfever
    • tx: mast sell stabilisers, antihistamines
  17. PAC?
    • throughout year
    • tx: mast cell stabilisers, antihistamines
  18. VKC?
    • bilatera, reccurent involving IgE
    • B, 7-10
    • sx: itching, tearing, redness, photo, burning, thick mucous discharge
    • palpebral: macropapillae, mucous between
    • progression-> plaque formation- exposed bowman's-> mucous, fribin
    • tx: mast cell stabilisers, antihistamine
  19. Horner trantas dots?
    • small white elevated lesions at limbal
    • desquamated epithelial cesll and eosinophils
  20. AKC?
    • genetic disposition to hypersensitivity
    • rare bi chronic
    • young men, ezcema
  21. AKC sx and tx and ddx?
    • sx: red thickened lids with staph bleph and madarosis
    • conj- giant pap, scarring of tarsal, cicatricial conj, symblepharon
    • ddx: vkc- except more sever and inremitting
    • tx: same as vkc, less response, longer time
  22. GPC?
    • associated CL wear
    • sx: FB, redness, itching, loss of CL tolerance, micropap
    • tx: remove CL, clean, change material, mast cell stabilisers, steroids
  23. OCP/cMMP?
    • hyperaemia, pseudomembrane, symblepharon, keratinisation
    • SJS
    • tx: systemic therapy- control active disease
    • local therapy- control inflammation
  24. SLK?
    • bilateral, chronic, upperlimbus and superior bulbarĀ 
    • sx: burning, photo, mucoid discharge, fb
    • causes papillary inflammation: looser superior bulb- rubbing
  25. Parinaud oculoglandular sydnrome?
    granulomatous conjunctivitis
  26. Ligneous conj?
    • v rare, children, plasmoinogen defect
    • sx: recurrent, bi, firm fibrin lesion on tarsal plates
    • gradual, thick mucoid discharge
  27. factitious conj?
    • self injury, abrasion, toxic drops?
    • check staining
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