RHIT - Infomatics and Information Systems

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  1. Which of the following is primary storage
    A. RAM
    B. External Drive
    C. CD
    D. USB Drive
    A. RAM
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. You are working with a database that is creates form multiple databases being stored in a single database
    Clinical Data repository
  3. In the RFP, if you want to review information regarding the amount of time a vendor has been in business and the number of production installations which section are you looking at
    vendor information
  4. What are the sections of the RFP
    • proposal information and format
    • enterprise profiles
    • conditions of response
    • functional requirements
    • technical requirements
    • training requirements
    • implementation requirements
    • vendor profile
    • system cost
  5. RFP
    Request for Proposal - a professional prepared document that details a required system functionality  including technical training, and implementation. The document is distributed to a selected number of vendors, who are invited to respond
  6. RFI
    Request for Information - solicts general information from vendors about their products. The RFI may state in general terms what the facility is looking for in system functionality. Vendors then respond  with information about their product lines and their experience in the market place and provides copies of their annual reports
  7. Which comes first the RFI or the RFP?
  8. A facility wants to purchase a system that will use barcodes on all drugs and biological products to help in ensuring patient safety. Which system should they purchase
    • BC-MAR
    • Bar code MAR (BC-MAR) systems
  9. A common language used in data definition, and data manipulation is?
  10. What field monitors populations as a whole instead of patient specific data?
    Public health informatics
  11. You are entering information  in an information system. The system prevents you form ordering a duplicate radiology tests and prevented you from ordering a medication that the patient was allergic to
    Clinical Provider order entry
  12. The medical staff wants speech recognition system where the staff dictates and then the editing of the diction is done by editors. Which type is this?
    Back-end speech recognition
  13. You are interested in performing some data analysis on patients with cardiac problems. you have downloaded the data that you need on the cardiology patient form the data warehousing into a smaller database that you can work with. You are using
    Data mart
  14. The hospital utilizes the best of the breed model for its information systems. The hospital is able to exchange data between the information systems from the various vendors seamlessly. This concept is known as
  15. In a RFP, which set up information should be deleted from the operational requirements?
    A. Response time
    B. Data architecture
    C. Data Conversion
    D. Data analysis tools
    C. Data Conversion
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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