Guide to Company Journal

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  1. How long do we keep the company journal?
    20 years
  2. Entries by member on housewatch? other members? what color ink?
    Housewatch member-blue or black

    Other members- red ink
  3. If officer is writing a roll call and a run is received, should members make necessary entries or skip lines?
    Members can make entries, do not skip lines, officer will continue roll call when he returns
  4. Journal Pages
    • 500-498-cheifs visits
    • 497-495-company drills/date, subject, conducted by and groups
    • 494-as necessary-Battalion Depot/MSU members and chief officers
  5. Each page, columns should be organized as ?
    • 1st column from left-time of entry
    • 2nd column-flagging column (3/8" line to left of existing red line)
    • 3rd column-complete journal entry

    *inside front cover-current company roster*
  6. Abbreviations of entries...
    • DAC-Deputy Assistant Cheif
    • C in C- Chief in Charge
    • CMO-Chief Medical Officer
    • MO-Medical Officer
    • Chap-Chaplain
    • Pt-Pilot
    • ME-marine engineer
  7. Abbreviations.....
    • AME-assitant marine engineer
    • WP-Wiper
    • CFM-Chief Fire Marshall
    • Ptl-Patrolman
    • Act-Acting Capt/LT
  8. Flagging Column Entries are to stress and locate entries of serious nature or special interest...
    • ACC-accidents
    • CV-chiefs visit
    • CM-Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Com-Complaints
    • DF-deisel fuel-measure, ordered, deliver, disp
    • DSP-Discipline
    • EE-entries examined
    • EI-exchange of Info
    • F-Heating Fuel-measuered, ordered, delivered
    • InJ-Injuries
    • LV-Leaves-(starting at time other than roll call)
  9. flagging column entries...
    • MSK-mask inspection
    • Mess-Messenger
    • OM-omitted
    • PR-property loss, missing, found,etc.
    • RPR-repairs-mechanics
    • RXD-scheduled to report for or relieved fromDuty
    • SP-Special Entries
    • SI-survellaince Insp
    • VIs-visit by NON-member
  10. What symbol gives Company Officers widest latitude??
    SP- Special Entry
  11. RoLL CAll Notes??
    • Variations include any change since 0900 affecting the 1800 Roll Call
    • Time-only specify if other than 0900
    • Group number to follow name
    • Indicate chauffeur for 0900 and 1800
    • any chauffeur changes during tour must be entered in Journal
  12. How many alarms can be recorded on a single line?
    not more than 4
  13. WPODR?
    With permission of Officer on Duty Relieved (to be used only when member is relieving another member befor expiration of tour

    • RFFD-by incoming member before tour in RED ink
    • WPODR-by member being relieved before tour, in RED INK
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