managing chapter 6

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  1. corporate social responsibility
    managements obligation to make choices and take actions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization.
  2. stakeholder approach
    examines how all stakeholders, not just shareholders, are impacted by business decisions
  3. five areas of corporate social responsibility
    • strategy
    • financial
    • customer and product
    • governance and stakeholder
    • human
  4. reactive strategy
    an organization is involved in little or no corporate social responsibility initiatives
  5. responsive strategy
    organizations that may engage in some social initiatives, but for the most part believe that these efforts distract from making a profit.
  6. accommodative strategy
    engage in social initiatives, although social initiatives are not the focus of their existence.
  7. proactive strategy
    actively engage in social responsibility

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managing chapter 6
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managing chapter

managing chapter 6
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