Disease 14 - Viral Conjunctivitis

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  1. What is HSV?
    • simplex
    • HSV1 & 2
    • primary and secondary (remains in nerve ganglia
    • lower cheek rash
  2. Epithelial HSV sx?
    • punctate epithelial vesicles
    • fb, tearing, photo, RE, NO PAIN
    • flourescein stain- peripheral dendrites WITH terminal buds, raised
    • ddx: RCE, thygesons, bacterial keratitis
  3. Stromal Disciform keratitis?
    • HSV
    • inflammation of corneal stroma WO epi involvement
    • minimal pain
    • sx: blur, halo, discomfort, redness
    • central stroma edema, keratic precips, folds in decemets, IOP raised, lower corn sens
    • ddx: interstitial keratitis
  4. Stromal HSV necrotising interstitial keratitis?
    • ulceration with tissue/epi loss
    • perforation
    • photophobia, blur, tearing, pain
    • ddx: disciform: neo, stromal infilt, iron line
  5. HSV keratouveitis?
    • diffuse corneal edema
    • uveitis
    • flare
    • cells
    • hypopyon
  6. tx HSV?
    • antiviral
    • NaFl
  7. HZV?
    • primary- chicken pox
    • secondary- shingles (latent in nerve ganglion)
  8. herpes zoster keratitis sx and tx?
    • >60yo, uncommon
    • Rash: doesn't cross midline (trigeminal nerve), Hutchinson's sign- vesicles on tip of nose
    • Lesions: minimal stain, fine, dendretic, no terminal buds, central
    • sx: photophobia, blur, tearing
    • nummular keratitis
  9. nummular keratitis?
    • develops 10 days after rash of HZO
    • mutliple fine granular deposits beneath bowman's
    • halo
  10. TX of HZO?
    antivirals, tear sups, pain management
  11. adenoviral keratitis?
    • sx: watery discharge, follicular conjunctivitis, corneal opacities
    • tx: self limiting, NOT ANTIVIRALS, tear supps
  12. Thygeson's keratitis?
    • young adults
    • sx: irritation, burning, recurrent, multiple raised grey subep lesions, bi
    • tx: NO ANTIVIRALS, lube, bandage CL

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