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  1. the tanks that are particularly important from the point of view of trimming the vessel are
  2. the trimming arm of a ship is the horizontal distance between the ____.
    LCB and LCG
  3. At the center line of the bottom structure is located the keel, which is reffered to as the backbone of the ship. the commonest form of keel and fitted in most ocean going vessels are called?
    flat plate keel
  4. the two points that act together to trim a ship are the
    LCB and LCG
  5. Where a ship is classed for the carriage of heavy, or ore cargoes, _______ framing is adopted for the double bottom
  6. when a ships LCG is aft of her LCB, the vessel will
    trim by the stern
  7. the movement of waves along a ship causes fluctuations in water pressure on the plating, this tends to create an in-out movement known as
  8. in heavy weather when the ship is heaving and pitching, the forward leaves and re enters the water with a
    slamming effect
  9. the difference between the initial trim and the trim after loading a vessel is known as the _____
    change of trim
  10. this is the main single criterion with reference to metals, it is a measure of the materials ability to withstand the loads upon it in service
    tensile strength
  11. the ship's tanks most effective for trimming are the
  12. this is the ability of a material to undergo permanent changes in shape without rupture or loss of strength
  13. the push or pull on a body in stability is traditionally called _____.
  14. larger castings used in ship construction are made from carbon or carbon manganese steels. these large castings are mainly used for
  15. the force that tends to cause carious parts of materials to slide over one another is termed
    shear stress
  16. the greatest contribution to the longitudinal strength of the ships superstructure is provided by:
    shell platings
  17. a vessel is in a listed condition when it is _____
    inclined due to an off-center weight
  18. the ____ framing of the shell plating consisting of vertical stiffeners, web frames which are attached by brackets to the deck beams and the floor structure are called
  19. a flat keel construction that aids in the resistance of a vessel to roll and fitted along either side of the ship is called;
    bilge keel
  20. the movement of a liquid in a tank when a vessel inclines, causes an increase in ____?
    natural rolling period
  21. the horizontal platform which completes the enclosure of the hull and provide a solid working platform and acts as the watertight top cover to the hull structure
  22. the edge of all hatch openings are framed by;
    hatch coamings
  23. when the height of the metacenter has the same value as the height of the center of gravity, the metacentric height is equal to?
  24. the vertical divisions arrange in the ships superstructure are known as the
  25. this provide a means of transferring loads between decks and fastening together the structure in a vertical directions
  26. to correct a vessel with unstable equilibrium, any of the following actions may be taken EXCEPT
    pump out the double bottom tank
  27. the terminating point of the forward shell plating is called
  28. the bulbous bow fitted in an attempt to
    reduce the ships resistance
  29. _____ ensures adequate resistance to any pounding stresses which may occur and are fitted with solid plate floors at every frame space and a heavy centerline girder is fitted below each decks in the stern
    cruiser stern
  30. the depth of the ship from the upper deck to the underside of the keel is called?
    extreme depth
  31. adding the transverse free surface correction to the uncorrected height of the center of gravity of a vessel yields?
    transverse center of gravity
  32. The center of buoyancy and the metacenter are in the line of action of the buoyant force_____.
    at all times
  33. the angle of maximum stability corresponds approximately to the angle of ______.
    deck edge immersion
  34. the immersed body of the ship forward of the parallel middle body is called?
  35. a watertight compartment between the aftermost watertight bulkhead and the stern is called?
    after peak
  36. a watertight compartment between the foremost watertight bulkhead and the stern is called?
  37. what is the principal danger from a liquid in a half full tank on board a vessel?
    Loss of stability from free surface effects
  38. the strake of side plating nearest to the deck is known as _____?
  39. these run along the center line of the bottom plating of the ship and for the majority of merchant vessel is of flat plate construction.
  40. Wen a wind force causes a vessel to heel to a static angle the ______.
    righting moment is equal to the wind heeling moments
  41. the region where the sheerstrake meets the deck plating is known as the _____?
  42. progressive flooding on a vessel may be caused by ____?
    a continual worsening of list or trim
  43. in the transverse framing system, frame spacing is generally not more than _____ but is always reduced in the pounding region and in the peak tank regions
  44. the most important factor in calculating the free surface constant of a tank carrying liquid is ?
  45. your vessels draft forward is 10.8 meters aft 11.50 meters and mid 11.20 meters what stress affect your vessel
    sagging (di sigurado) hogging ito
  46. the forward perpendicular of a vessel is measured from
    the foreside of the stem at summer loadline
  47. the force representing the combined effect of two or more forces acting at a point is called
    resultant force
  48. the after perpendicular is measured from
    after the side of the sternpost
  49. the vertical distance measured from the upper edge of the deckline to the waterline is called?
  50. if the result of loading a vessel is an increase in the height of the center of gravity, there will always be an increase in _____.
    vertical moments
  51. gross tonnage is measured at ?
    2.83 cubic meter per measurement tons
  52. if you increase the number of slack tanks, it will have the effect of raising the
    virtual height of the center of gravity
  53. the fundamental measure of the amount or quantity of matter in a body is called mass
  54. the initial stability of a vessel is most affected by
    free surface in a compartment
  55. aboard a vessel, dividing the sum of the transverse moment by the total weight yields the vessels
    transverse position of the the center of gravity
  56. keeping the draft at or below the load line mark will insure that the unit has adequate
    reserve buoyancy
  57. the change in trim of a vessel may be found by
    dividing the trimming moments by MTI
  58. repairing damage to the hull at or above the waterline reduces the threat
    continued progressive flooding
  59. the difference between the starboard and port draft caused by shifting a weight transversely is
  60. in which case may metacentric height be considered an indication of a vessels stability
    for small angles of inclination
  61. beams are cambered
    to provide drainage from deck
  62. a dog is a
    device to force watertight door against the frame
  63. when reading the statical curves, the _____ corresponds to the angle of deck immersion unless range is greater than 90 degrees.
    angle of maximum list
  64. a completely underhung type of rudder is the
    spade type
  65. a rudder with a horizontal break is the
    horn type
  66. topside icing decreases vessel stability because it reduces initial stability and _____.
    is usually off center
  67. a rudder with a blade full unbalanced is the
    door type
  68. the rudder with a fixed butt is the
    door type
  69. the rudder with a hinged flap or fin is the
    becker rudder
  70. the horizontal flat surfaces where the upper stock joins the rudder are the ______.
    rudder palms
  71. the distance between the upper edge of the decline and the waterline at any given moment is called
    actual freeboard
  72. there are _____ permanent zones in a loading chart?
  73. the distance between the upper edge of the deckline to the upper edge of the respective loadlines is known as ______
    statutory freeboard
  74. vessels are ballasted before departure to?
    improves stability
  75. the vertical distance from the upper edge of the decline to the center of the disk of the loadline mark is known as _____.
    summer freeboard
  76. the change of trim of a vessel may be found by
    dividing the trimming moment by MTI
  77. stowing small, durable packages or cargo items in spaces or voids between larger pieces is called
    filler cargo
  78. how is the test conducted on both the collision bulk head, as the forepeak bulkhead and the aft peak bulkhead
    filling the peak tanks with water to loadline levels
  79. the actual weight of a vessels cargo, ballast, fuel, oil, fresh water including her constant and expressed in tons is termed
    dead weight
  80. if your vessel list from off-center loading of cargoes on deck, the _____
    list should be easily removed
  81. the numerous post fitted throughout the vessel their use is to give vertical support to girders, deck beams, and heavy concentrated load are called?
  82. although a hold is full of cargo, any remaining space that could possibly fill with water in a casualty is known as ?
    cargo permeability
  83. in the presence of external forces the center of buoyancy of an inclined vessel is vertically aligned with the_____
  84. the stability which exist after the unintentional flooding of a compartment on a vessel is called
    damage stability
  85. with no environmental forces acting on the vessel, the center of gravity of an inclines vessel is vertically aligned directly above the _____
    center of buoyancy
  86. in shipping the tendency of certain goods to self-destruct by spontaneous heating wasting, rotting, fermentation is called
    inherent vice ganda
  87. the measurement from the baseline to the summer loadline at the midship section is called
    moulded draft
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