RHIT: Human Resource

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  1. What are some effective ways of handling conflict
    • Encourage the parties to compromises by each willing to loose part of their position
    • limit or control interactions when emotions are intense
    • use an objective third party to seek a constructive outcome for both parties
  2. Employers may be able to demonstrate that age is a reasonable requirement for a position. Such an exception to the age discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is called
    bona fida occupation qualification
  3. Your job description says you supervise day to day operations for the records processing, transcription and release of information areas. What principle of management is described?
    Span of Control
  4. What is unity of command
    The principle that no subordinate in an organization should report to more than one boss.
  5. Under which act are your required to pay someone for all the hours they work even if they come in to work early?
    Fair Labor Standards Act
  6. Carlos has noticed complaints by employees of headaches and fatigue. What should he consider first
    Air quality - pollution is know to cause headaches and fatique
  7. Which type of display normally used to illustrate nominal, ordinal and discrete data
    Bar chart
  8. Which type of display presents the number of times that each category of a qualitative variable is observed within a sample
    Frequency Distribution
  9. Which type of display is an effective way for representing the relative frequency of categories or intervals within a sample; relationship to the whole
    Pie chart
  10. Which type of display usually  used to present a frequency distribution for continuous data and proportionally
  11. Which type of display is the kind of graph that uses data to determine priorities in problem solving
    Pareto Chart
  12. Which type of display is a tool for summarizing data according to category
    Pivot Chart
  13. Which type of display shows the progress of a process over time
    Line chart
  14. Which type of display can be used to measure key processes over time
    Control Chart
  15. You have conversation with an employee who work performance has changed negatively and she confides that she is having many personal problems that are cause her stress. As her supervisor  you should
    refer her to the Employee Assistant Program
  16. The employee handbook
    • it provides policies and procedures developed by management
    • a receipt must be documented in writing
    • it must be reviewed periodically by legal counsel to avoid legal risk
  17. Type of discipline that requires stronger penalties for each  successive repeat offense
    Progressive discipline
  18. First step in if one employee comes to your complaining about another
    Determine the source of the conflict
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