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  1. center of gravity by its definition can be considered I. the centroid of the displaced volume II the resultant of all vertically downward forces of gravity
  2. center of buoyancy by its definition can be considered I.the centroid of the displaced volume, II. the resultant of all vertically upward forces of buoyancy
    either I or II
  3. another expression for height of transverse metacenter is I. metacentric height. II KM
  4. if KG is less than KM the ship would be considered to have I. stable equilibrium, II. neutral equi, III. unstable
  5. why can a righting arm be used alone as an indication of transverse stability? I displacement remains constant at all angles of heel. II GZ remains constant at all angles of heel
  6. metacentric height method of expressing stability tendency is useful for: I. small angles of inclination, II large angles of inclination
  7. KM can be obtained from, I. hydrostatic curves, II a table in the ships stability booklet
    either I or II
  8. The product of displacement and GZ is: I an indication of the vessels true stability. II righting moment
    Either I or II
  9. which of the following quantities does the ships officer calculate in doing a transverse stability problem to determine GM? I.KG II. KM
  10. a moment is I. A weight, II. a distance
    either I or II
  11. What can cause a vessel to list? I an off the centerline position of G, II. a negative GM such that G is above M
    either I or II
  12. your vessel is listing. the cause of the list is unknown. the action you would take to correct the list would be to: I shift weight to the high side from the low side II shift weight from a higher to a lower position of the vessel
    neither I nor II
  13. If a vessel has a negative GM and weight is added to the high side to attempt to correct the list what would you expect to happen I. the angle of list could decrease II. the angle of list could increase
  14. free surface exists whenever I. the surface of a liquid within a vessel is free to move. II the surface of a movable dry bulk cargo is free to move
    either I or II
  15. what effect does flooding a compartment have on the effective water plane of a vessel? I. the moment of inertia of the water plane I reduced II. the total effective water plane area is reduced
    either I or II
  16. The most cost-effective way to limit free surface when building a ship would be to increase the number of; I transverse bulkheads II longitudinal bulkheads
  17. you could expect free surface effects to ____ as the vessel inclination is increased due to pocketing
  18. consider a cargo tank aboard the vessel you are sailing on. The tank is slack. If gasoline were pumped out and an equal amount of sea water was pumped into the tank you would expect the value of the free surface effect to:
  19. which would have more of an effect int the reduction of GM considering both have the same dimensions I. A tank flooded near the upper deck II. A tank flooded in the double bottom
  20. boxes of bananas loaded in puerto limon bound for rotterdam, what happens when a carrying temperatures of 10 degrees celsius is maintained through out the voyage I . bananas are chilled II. black spots appear under the peeling III bananas will ripen
    both I & II
  21. which of the following statements regarding refrigerated compartment preparation to loading cargo is true? I scuppers are sealed with brine II. pipes loading to chambers are plugged and covered to prevent air from entering the chamber
    neither I nor II
  22. tiers of crates are _____ I. best stowed in the tween deck areas, II. dunnaged of between tiers
  23. what precaution should you take when setting a heavy lift on deck if it exceeds the deck load capacity?
    • I. place dunnage under it to disperse the weight II. shore up in the area where it is to be placed
    • I & II
  24. in handling a weight, which part of the tackle has the greatest stress in lowering? I. the standing part, II. the hauling part
    I only
  25. the safe stowage and securing of cargoes depend on;I proper planning, II. execution and supervision
    both I & II
  26. personnel in charge of cargo stowage and securing cargo should have I. proper qualification and experience II. a sound practical knowledge of the application and content of cargo securing manual
    both I & II
  27. under the international maritime dangerous goods code, explosives are classified as
    lass 1
  28. black powder would be classified as
    explosive A
  29. grade A petroleum product
    flammable liquid
  30. liquid cargo loaded or discharged in volume always states a standard temperature of
    60 deg F
  31. which of the following operations may cause pressure in an inerted tank to fall below prescribed limit?
  32. when ventilation takes place, accommodation and work areas should be checked for gas concentrations and if they ever exceed the _____ for the fumigant , the space must be evacuated
    thresh hold limit value
  33. what do you call a gauging device in the Code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk which does not penetrate the tank shell and is independent of the tank?
    indirect device
  34. when carrying out stripping of a tank, excessive air in the suction line may cause
    loss of suction
  35. the main function of the core of a wire rope is to
    give flexibility
  36. the label on a package of oxidizing hazardous materials is
  37. the tendency of a flammable liquid to vaporize is indicated by its
    flash point
  38. the lowest temperature required to cause self-sustained combustion of a substance independent of any outside source of ignition is
    ignition temperature
  39. all wire rope used in shipboard cargo gear must be identified and described in a certificate. the certificate contains the following information except
    name of testing company
  40. the carriage of dangerous goods are provided for under solas chapter
  41. when making a short splice in wire rope _____.
    all tucks go against the lay
  42. a new coil of nylon should be opened by _____.
    unreeling from a spool
  43. when sea water is pumped into cargo tanks, it inevitable washes oil from the tank surfaces. the resultant oil-water mixture is called
    dirty ballast
  44. by regulation, a cargo tank must be inerted before and during what operation?
    COW crude oil washing
  45. when a pump during discharging operation is cavitating what should you do?
    shut down the pump
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