Disease 18 - Dry Eye

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  1. DEWS 2007 risk factors for DE?
    old, female, HRT, antihistamines, lasik, smoking etc
  2. DE circle?
    inflammation-> tear hyperosmolarity-> cell death, loss of goblet and mucin expression-> tear film instability-> increases hypersomolarity
  3. 2 main mechanisms?
    reduced aqueous flow vs increased evaporation
  4. What are some signs of DE?
    conjunc injection, minimal tear miniscus, mucus debris, blocked MG, conjunctival staining, frothing
  5. SX of DE?
    scratching, sandy, gritty, fb, photophobia, stinging, burning, tired eyes, bilateral, epiphora, mucus discarge, blurry
  6. Diagnosis tests for DE?
    questionnaire, SL, staining, TBUT, schrimer, tear meniscus, phenol red thread, tear turnover, pH
  7. fluorescein?
    does not stain early conj damage well
  8. Rose bengal?
    • stains mucous and damaged cells
    • can injunre healthy epithelial cells
    • excellent for conjunctiva
    • stings on application
  9. Lissamine green?
    • replaces rose bengal
    • excellent for conjunctiva
    • non toxic to epi
    • doesnt sting
  10. TBUT?
    • add fluorescein
    • wait to black spots appear
  11. schirmer strip?
    see how much strip is soaked in 5 minutes
  12. Tear meniscus?
    height normal 0.2-0.5
  13. Phenol red thread?
  14. Sjogren
    • women, autoimmune, exocrine, 
    • 2ndy to RA
  15. Sjogren DE sx and tx?
    • DE symptoms + photophobia, peripheral corneal changes, increased blink rate, short TBUT
    • tx: tear supps, pilocarpine, immunosuppressents
  16. acne rosacea?
    • decrease in MG secreions
    • unknown abnormal inflammation of sebaceous glands in facial skin and lids
  17. hypovitamin A?
    • evaporative
    • vit a needed for normal mucus membrane and epi
    • bitot's spots
    • loss of goblet cells
  18. DEWS grade 1
    • mild/mod sx, with/wo conj signs
    • educate, enviro, supps, eyelid therapy
  19. DEWS grade 2
    • 1+ some staining, tear film changes
    • tx: all 1 anti inflams, tetracyclines, punctal plugs
  20. DEWS grade 3?
    • all 2 + 
    • serum, CL, permanent punctal occlusion
  21. DEWS 4?
    anti inflamms, surgery
  22. bandage CL?
    stops mucous strand binding and reduce symptoms of filamentary keratitis
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