Disease 21 - developmental anomalies

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  1. blepharophimosis ptosis
    poor leaveor, ptosis, short palpebral apeture, epicanthic folds, poorly developed nasal bridge
  2. epiblepharon?
    • extra fold of anterior lid margin
    • causes lashes to point vertical
  3. coloboma
    failure of lid ectoderm migration to fuse lid folds
  4. cornea plana?
    flat cornea, reduced power-> high hyperope
  5. megalocornea?
    • bilateral, rare, non progressive, large corneal diameter
    • due to defective growth of optic cup
  6. microcornea?
    • shallow AC
    • small cornea
  7. sclerocornea?
    peripheral corneal opacification and vascularisation
  8. keractectasia?
    • intrauerine keratitis and perforation
    • bulging cornea high iop
  9. anterior lenticonus
    thinning of an lens capsule
  10. post lenticonus?
    post axial bulge
  11. microphakia
    small lens
  12. microspherophakia
    small ROUND lense
  13. corectopia?
    • irregular pupil shape,
    • off centre
  14. polycoria
    more than one pupil
  15. coloboma
    failure of embryonic optic vescile to close
    • PAX6
    • WARG
    • pres: nystagmus, photophobia, MGD, subluxation of lens, aphakia
  17. microphthalmos
    reduced axial length of eye
  18. anophthalmos
    • failuer of optic vescicle to bud
    • absence of globe
  19. cryptophthalmos
    abnormal fusion of entire eyelid margin with no lashes
  20. craniosynostosis
    • abdnormally shaped skullĀ 
    • proptosis
  21. infantile congenital glaucoma
    • large eyes, thin sclera
    • haab striae
  22. axenfeld- rieger syndrome
    • axenfeld anomaly: centrally displaced schwalbe's line with bands of iris tissue bridging iridocorn angle
    • central iris defects
    • corectopia and polycoria
  23. peters anomaly
    • ant segment malfomations
    • central cloudy cornea

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