Disease 24 - Congenital Cataracts

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  1. ant polar capsular cataract?
    • persistent pupillary membrane
    • opaque cortical plague projecting fwd
    • non progressive, no vision
  2. posterior polar cataract
    • persistent hyaloid, lenticonus
    • stationary+progressive
  3. coronary supranuclear
    cataract sporadic round opacities may be hidden by iris, surrounds nucleus like a crownnon progressive
  4. cortical cataract
    • changes to peripheral regions of lens due to protein aggregation and increase in water content
    • spoke like opacities
    • assoc: vacuoles and water clefts
    • age uv RF
  5. zonular lamellar cataract
    • affects lamellar ant and post
    • round shell like opacity surround nucleus
    • riders-radial opacities
  6. central pulverulent cataract
    • spheroidal biconvext opacity fetal nucleaus
    • non prog
  7. sutural cataract?
    • opacity follows y suture
    • asymp
    • non progressive
  8. focal dot opacities
    • opacities through cortex
    • asymp
  9. Leukocoria
    • DDX: renolastoma
    • congential cataract
    • ROP

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Disease 24 - Congenital Cataracts
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Congenital Cataracts

Congenital Cataract
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