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  1. what is the scientific name for a ferret
    mustela putoruis
  2. what is the life spam of a ferret
    5-8 years
  3. what is the research studies ferrets are used for
    • viral
    • reproductive studies
  4. what identification are used for ferrets
    • microchip
    • tattoo
    • ear tag
    • ear punches
  5. how do you handle and restraint a ferret
    scruff the neck and hold the back legs
  6. what type of cage are used for ferrets
    • any cage with a solid bottom
    • multi level
  7. what is the water consumption for a ferret
    75-100 ml/kg
  8. what is the feeding consumption for a ferret
    140-190 g/kg
  9. what is required in a ferrets diet? like what other animal
  10. what should you add to a ferrets commercial diet
    mouse or cat food
  11. what type of animals are ferrets
  12. what type of beddings do ferrets need
    • towel
    • hemic
    • litter in the corner
  13. what is a ferrets estrous cycle
  14. what is a ferrets gestation time
    41-42 days
  15. what is the litter size for a ferret
  16. what is the weaning age
    6-8 weeks
  17. how are ferrets born
  18. what are ferrets behavioral patterns
    • very mischievous
    • very smart
    • they have scent glands
  19. what are special techniques
    • SQ
    • IM
    • IP
    • IV
  20. what are the blood collection areas
    • jugular
    • lateral saphenous
  21. what anesthesia is commonly used on ferrets
    • ketamine/valium IM
    • midazolam (versed)¬†for muscle relaxation
    • ketamine/xylazine
    • telazole
    • isoflurane
  22. monitoring is similar to...
    cats and dogs
  23. what diseases can ferrets get
    • canine distemper
    • influenza- can be passed to humans
    • rabies
  24. what parasites and considerations can ferrets get
    • ear mites
    • mange mites
    • fleas
    • coccidia
    • abscesses if they are fighting
  25. what is the anatomy of a ferret
    • short sighted
    • great sense of smell
    • bad hearing
    • sensitive whiskers
  26. what are males called...and neuter
  27. what are females called...spayed
  28. what else do they do to ferrets when they are neutered or spayed
  29. what time of litter shouldn't you use
    pine and cedar
  30. what type of food should ferrets be eating
    • high fat and highly digestible protein
    • whole mice, rat or chicks
  31. what anesthetics should you use cautiously 
    torbi and burprenex
  32. what are the common ailments
    • fleas
    • heartworms
    • urinary tract obstruction
    • splenic enlargement
    • human influenza
    • foreign bodies
    • epizootic catarrhal enteritis-inflammation of gut and liver
    • heart disease
    • skin tumors
    • adrenal disease
    • insulinoma
    • lymphosarcoma
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