GRE vocab: 1-30

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  1. abase
    • to humble; to disgrace
    • - my intention was not to abase the comedian
    • syn. demean; humiliate
  2. abate
    • to reduce in amt, degree or severity
    • -as the hurricane's force abated, the winds dropped and the sea became calm
    • syn. ebb; lapse; let up; moderate; relent; slacken; subside; wane
  3. abdicate
    • to give up a position, right or power
    • -with the angry mob clamoring outside the palace, the king abdicated his throne and fled
    • syn. cede; quit; relinquish; resign; yield
  4. aberrant
    • deviating from what is normal or expected
    • -since he had been a steady, cheerful worker for many years, his fellow postal workers did not expect his aberrant burst of outrage.
    • syn. abnormal; anomalous; deviant; divergent; errant; irregular
  5. abeyance
    • temp suppression or suspension
    • the baseball game was held in abeyance while it continued to rain
    • syn. deferral; delay; dormancy; postponement; remission
  6. abjure
    • to reject; to abandon formally
    • the spy abjured his allegiance to the US when he defected to Russia
    • syn. forswear; recall; recant; retract; take back
  7. abscond
    • to leave secretly
    • -the patron absconded from the restaurant w/out paying his bill by sneaking out the back door.
    • syn. decamp; escape; flee
  8. abstain
    • to choose not to do something
    • -before the medical procedure, you must abstain from eating
    • syn. forbear; refrain; withhold
  9. abstemious
    • moderate in appetite
    • -bc Alice is a vegetarian, she was able to eat only an abstemious meal at the steakhouse
    • syn. abstinent; continent; self-restraining; sober; temperate
  10. abyss
    • an extremely deep hole
    • -the submarine dove into the abyss to chart the previously unseen depths
    • syn. chasm; void
  11. accretion
    • a gradual growth in size; an increase in amt
    • -the committee's strong fundraising efforts resulted in an accretion in scholarship $
    • syn. accumulation; buildup
  12. acidulous
    • sour in taste or manner
    • -the acidulous taste of the spoiled milk made the young boy's lips pucker
    • syn. acerbic; acetous; biting; piquant; pungent; tart
  13. acme
    • the highest point; the summit; the highest level or degree attainable
    • -just when he reached the acme of his power, the dictator was overthrown
    • syn. apex; peak; summit
  14. adulterate
    • to make impure
    • -the restauranteur made his ketchup last longer by adulterating it with water
    • syn. debase; doctor; load
  15. advocate
    • to speak in favor of
    • -the vegetarian advocated a diet containing no meat
    • syn. back; champion; support
  16. aerie
    • a nest built high in the air; an elevated, often secluded, dwelling
    • -perched high among the trees, the eagle's aerie was filled with eggs
    • syn. perch; stronghold
  17. aesthetic
    • concerning the appreciation of beauty
    • -the aesthetic movement regarded the pursuit of beauty as the only true purpose of art
    • syn. artistic; tasteful
  18. affected
    • phony; artificial
    • -the affected hairdresser spouted French phrases, though she had never been to France
    • syn. insincere; pretentious; put-on
  19. aggrandize
    • to increase in power, influence & reputation
    • -the supervisor sought to aggrandize himself by claiming that the achievemts of his staff were actually his own
    • syn. amplify; apotheosize; augment; dignify; elevate; enlarge; ennoble; exalt; glorify; magnify; swell; uplift
  20. alacrity
    • speed or quickness
    • -the restaurant won a reputation for fine service since the wait staff responded to their clients' requests with alacrity
    • syn. celerity; dispatch; haste; swiftness
  21. alleviate
    • to make more bearable
    • -taking aspirin helps to alleviate a headache
    • syn. allay; assuage; comfort; ease; lessen; lighten; mitigate; palliate; relieve
  22. amalgamate
    • to combine; to mix together
    • - Giant amalgamated with Mega Pdts to form Giant-Mega Pdts Inc.
    • syn. admix; blend; coalesce; combine; commingle; commix; compound; fuse; intermingle intermix; merge; mingle; mix; unite
  23. ambiguous
    • doubtful or uncertain; can be interpreted several ways
    • -the directions he gave were so ambiguous that we disagreed on which way to turn
    • syn. cloudy; doubtful; dubious; equivocal; indeterminate; nebulous; obscure; unclear; vague
  24. ameliorate
    • to make better; to improve
    • - the doc was able to ameliorate the pts suffering using painkillers
    • syn. amend; better; improve; pacify; upgrade
  25. amortize
    • to diminish by installmt paymts
    • -while college students are notorious for accumulating cc debt, they are not as well known for amortizing it
    • syn. decrease; reduce
  26. amulet
    • an ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits
    • -tho she claimed it wasnt bc of superstition, she always wore an amulet around her neck
    • syn. fetish; talisman
  27. anachronism
    • something out of place int ime
    • -the play was set in 19th century, but was ruined by anachronisms, like the lead actor's digital watch
    • syn: archaism; incongruitiy
  28. analgesia
    • a lessening of pain w/out loss of consciousness
    • -after having her appendix removed, she welcomed the analgesia the painkillers provided
  29. analogous
    • similar or alike in some ways; equivalent
    • -his mom argued that not going to college was analogous to throwing his life away
    • syn: alike; comparable; corresponding; equivalent; homogeneous; parallel; similar
  30. anodyne
    • something that calms or soothes pain
    • -the massage was an anodyne that helped remove knots from his tense shoulders
    • syn: narcotic; nepenthe; opiate
  31. anomaly
    • deviation from what is normal
    • -albino animals may display too great an anomaly in their coloring to attract normally colored mates
    • syn: aberrancy; abnormality; deviance; deviation; irregularity; preternaturalness
  32. antagonize
    • to annoy or provoke to anger
    • -the child discovered that he could antagonize the cat by pulling its tail
    • syn: clash; conflict; incite; irritate; oppose; pester; provoke; vex
  33. antipathy
    • extreme dislike
    • -the antipathy between fans of the rival soccer teams made the game even more electrifying to watch
    • syn: abhorrence; animosity; antagonism; aversion; dislike; enmity; hatred; hostility; loathing; repellence; repugnance; repulsion; revulsion
  34. apathy
    • lack of interest or emotion
    • -the apathy of voters is so great that less than half the people who are eligible to vote actually bother to do so
    • syn:coolness; disregard; impassivity; indifference; insensibility; lethargy; phlegm; stolidity; unconcern
  35. apocryphal
    • of questionable authority or authenticity
    • -there is no hard or authoritative evidence to support he apocryphal tales that link the Roswell, NM incident to a downed UFO.
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