Real Estate

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  1. Property that is separate from Real Estate, Chattels.  Portable, destructible, homogeneous.
    Personal Property
  2. City zoning, the Law, property deeds, all can limit the use of a property
    Limiting right to use
  3. The owner of a property has the right to sell, bequeath, lease, donate, and assign.
    Right to Transfer
  4. Mortgages, Homesteads, deeds each may tie up a property from being sold or used.
    Right to Encumber
  5. Owners can control who is allowed to enter the property.
    Right to exclude
  6. Husband and wife, Equal undivided interest, no foreclosure on individual debts,
    Tenancy by the Entireties
  7. the only way to terminate this property is through death, divorce, mutual agreement, judgment on joint debt.
    Termination of Tenancy by entireties
  8. spousal rights, even though the spouse did not invest into the property equally the spouse has equal rights
    community property states
  9. property used exclusively by the partnership.
    Tenancy in Partnership
  10. the cost of condominiums based upon the size and benefits.
    Pro Rata Share
  11. Paperwork used to govern a neighborhood.  HOA  costs and governments.
    CC&R's ; Covenants, conditions and restrictions
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