Calculus 2 exam 3

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  1. What is Image Upload1/x2+1 dx?
    Inverse tangent rule: tan-1x+c
  2. What is a trig identity for sin2x?
  3. What is a trig identity for cos2x?
  4. What is a trig identity for sin2x?
  5. what is the anti-derivative of 1/u?
    Image Upload1/u= ln|u|+c
  6. what is the anit-derivative of sec(u) du?
    Image Uploadsec(u)du = ln|sec(u)+tan(u)|+c
  7. What is the formula for integration by parts?
    Image Uploadu dv = uv-Image Uploadvdu
  8. what does ILATE stand for and what is it used for?
    • I= inverse
    • L= logarithm
    • A= algebraic
    • T= trig functions
    • E= Exponentials
    • *used to choose what "u" should be in integration by parts.
  9. what is Image Upload secx dx?
    Image Uploadsec(x) dx = ln|sec(x)+tan(x)|+c
  10. Image UploadImage Uploadu2-a2/u2 du equals?
    = -Image Uploadu2-a2/u + ln|u+Image Uploadu2-a2|+c
  11. Image Uploadcos-1udu equals?
    = ucos-1u-Image Upload(1-u2) +c
  12. what is Image Uploaddu/uImage Upload(u2-a2) ?
    =1/a sec-1 u/a +c
  13. How do you complete the square?
    (ax2+bx+c) = (ax2+bx+(b/2)2) -(b/2)2+c
  14. what is Image Upload1/Image Upload(a2-u2) du?
    = sin-1(u/a)+c
  15. What is
    Image Uploadsin2(x)dx?
    = x/2 - sin(2x)/4 +c
  16. what is Image Uploadcos2(x)dx ?
    = x/2 + sin(2x)/4 +c
  17. Image Uploadu2 ln(u) du ?
    = un+1 / (n+1)[(n+1)ln(u)-1] +c
  18. what is the derivative of 1/(x2+1)?
    = tan-1x+c
  19. Image UploadImage Upload(a2+u2)/ udu?
    = Image Upload(a2+u2)/u + ln(u+Image Upload(a2+u2)) +c
  20. what do you do when the top is longer than the bottom on the integral of polynomials?
    long divide the bottom from the top first.
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