Disease 26 - Iris

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  1. heterochromia?
    congenital diff in colouration between irides
  2. Fuch's heterochromic cyclitis?
    reccurent iridocyclitis
  3. neural pigment abnormalities?
  4. koeppe nodules?
    inflammatory cell precipitates at pupillary margin
  5. bussaca nodules?
    on iris surface
  6. congenital ectropion uveae?
    • rare, non prog, neural crest disorder
    • proliferation of iris pigment epithelium onto atn surface of iris from pigment ruff
  7. acquired progressive ectropion uveae?
    • tractional eversion of post pigment layer and sphincter muscle
    • 2ndy to glaucoma and uveitis
  8. iris neovascularisation?
    • rubeosis iridis
    • new vessel growth acros ant iris surface
  9. iris attachments?
    • congenital
    • acquired: synechiae
  10. synechiae?
    • anterior: adhesions bw ant iris and post corn
    • posterior: adhesions bw post iris and ant lens- seen in inflamation (uveitis/glaucoma)
  11. iris bombe?
    bowing of peripheral iris
  12. seclusio pupillae
    complete adhesion of iris to post corn
  13. iridodialysis
    • dishescence of iris fmor ciliary body at root
    • D shaped pupil
  14. freckles
    • smaller than naevi
    • dont distort iris
    • surface pigment
  15. bruschfield spots
    • pale lesions in peripheral stroma
    • down's
  16. mammillations?
    villiform lesions
  17. lisch nodules
    • small bi naevi
    • NF1
  18. NF1 lesions?
    lisch, congenital ectropion uveae
  19. epithelial cysts
    between 2 layers of epithelium
  20. stromal cyst
    • dormant/2nd glaucoma
    • contain flud
  21. Pearl cyst
    • 2ndy
    • small white solid lesions
    • opaque walls in stroma
    • not connect wiht wound
  22. serous cyst
    • 2ndy
    • translucent fluid filled
    • connected with wound
    • enlarge-> uveitis, glaucoma, edema
  23. iris melanoma
    • pigmented/non 3mm wide, 1mm thick
    • inferior with surface vasc
    • malig-> prominent bv, rapid, diffuse spread
  24. ddx iris melanoma
    • iris naevus
    • leiomyoma- rare, benign, dervied from smooth muscle
    • melanocytoma- deep pigmented nodular mass, furry, no ob vessels
  25. what is ICE and RF
    • iridocorneal endothelial syndrome
    • abnormal clone of endothelial cell copies epit-> migrates to iris surface
    • progressive enlargement and contraction of membrane-> iris traction, corectopia, ectropion-> iris atrophy
    • F, white, 20-50
  26. ICE 3 features?
    • Chandler's
    • iris atrophy
    • cogan reese
  27. chandler's syndrome?
    • diff corn edema-> beaten bronze
    • corectopia
    • 2ndy glaucoma
    • synechiae
  28. iris atrophy in ICE?
    • abnormal endo spreads onto iris surface-> forms contractile membrane
    • atrophy-> heterochromia, corectopia, ectropion uveae
    • iris troma and pigment epi cells atrophy
  29. cogan reese syndrome?
    • less severe atrophy
    • tan pedunculated nodules/diff pigment lesions on ant iris
    • heterocrhomia due to loss of normal iris architecture
    • assoc glaucoma
  30. DDX ICE?
    • post polymor dystrophy- bi, ant ang and iris
    • axenfeld- iridocorn adhesions in angle, similar iris, bilateral
    • fuch's endothelial dystrophy- corneal endothelial appearance, without iris and angle findings
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