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  1. 1. 31 Gifts is all about fun, who is the founder of 31?
    • A. Cindy Monroe
    • pg.2  (discuss story of 31 and my "WHY")
  2. 2. What is the name of the bag after a New York City street?
    A. 5th Avenue  p.42 or p.29 (show the bag, discuss)
  3. 3. What 2 products are black or pink and have ruffles?
    • A. Ruffle mini zipper pouch. p 40
    • (show and talk, how to add wristlet)
    • B. Ruffled Cinch Sac  p.41
    • (show and discuss)
  4. 4. How much does it cost to personalize or laser etch?
    A. $7.00 ( talk about personalization; explain the various options with fonts, colors and styles.
  5. 5. How many patterns does the Organizing Utility Tote come in?
    • A. #10 p.37
    • (show the OUT's and discuss uses and top a tote)
  6. 6. What are the 3 hostess exclusive products you can get for free when you have a $1200 + party?
    • A. Double Zip Cosmetic case in Grey or Brown quilted Poppy.  p.5
    • (normally $20 if they don't earn it for free)
    • B. Rolling Tote in black or brown quilted poppy.
    • (normally $65 if not earned)
    • c. XXL Utility Tote Set in black with grey or black with Parisian Pop
    • (normally $40 if not earned)
    • * show the ones you have, if you dont have, refer to p.5 or p 45
  7. 7. What does it mean to "Book a Party"?
    A. Booking a party means to schedule your own or off of a party you attended. On p.4 in the catalog, it states that there is a new half price booking bonus. This means that if someone books a party off of yours and you attend their party, you'll receive an item half price at their party. So if 4 people book a party off of yours and you attend each of their parties, you'll receive a half priced item of your choice (excluding hostess exclusive items)
  8. 8. If you have a $1000 party what are the hostess benefits?
    A. $200 in free products (hostess stacking to visualize), 2 half price items (include these in the hostess stacking), and can purchase 2 hostess exclusives. p. 4-5
  9. 9. How much does it cost to become a consultant with Thirty-One?
    A. $99, Back cover of catalog (explain what you get in the kit and the benefits of being a consultant)
  10. Prizes:
    Ticket, coin or candy to the winner of each question. (if 2 0r 3 get the question right they also get the ticket, coin or candy)
    At the end of the game the one with the most wins the prize.

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