Disease 28 - Vitreous

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  1. synchisis?
    vitreous liquefication
  2. syneresis?
    exudation of liqued from gel as collagens
  3. PVD
    post vit detachment
  4. weiss ring
    peripapillary glial tissue that remains attached to post vit cortex following detachment
  5. vitreoschisis?
    spilit in posterior vit cortex
  6. PFV?
    persistent focal vasculature
  7. PHTVL?
    persistent hyperplastic tunica vasculosa lentis
  8. PHVP
    persiste hyperplastic primary vitreous
  9. PPM
    persistent pupillary membrane
  10. PVD
    • pockets of water appear within central vitreous and grad coalesce-> weakens vitreoretinal adhesion-> PVD as liquid dissects residual cortical gel away from ILM
    • RF for retinal tears and detachment
    • bi, myopes
  11. floaters?
    • cobwebs
    • sudden increase-> retinal detachment-> EMERGENCY
    • ddx: floaters and/or flashes- PVD, RD, Post uvei
    • floaters- vitreous hemorrhage
    • flashes- rapid eye movements
  12. congenital vitreal opacities?
    PHPV- leukocoria ant, post- RD
  13. asteroid hyalosis?
    • diabetes mellitus
    • CA deposits
    • M, 60
    • moves as vitreous moves
    • ddx: amyloidosis, cholestorl bulb
    • tx: none
  14. synchysis scintillans?
    • cholesterol bulb
    • free floating cholesterol crystals
  15. vitreous amyloidosis
    • inherited
    • amyloid deposits around collagen fibres
    • prog bi/uni
    • steel wool/hazy fundus
  16. vitreous haemorrhage?
    PVD, AMG
  17. pre-retinal (subhyaloid) haemorrhage
    • anterior to retina, just under ILM
    • cant see retinal vessels
  18. inflammation/infection
    • vitritis- inflammation of celss from choroid/retina/CB
    • haze
  19. shafer's sign
    • RD
    • clumping of pigmented cells in ant chamber and on corneal endo- tobacco dust
    • RPE granules in berger's space and ant vitreous
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