4th Grade Science Unit 2

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  1. What do you call the protective outer layer of a leaf?
  2. What do you call the food-making process of a plant?
  3. What is the process of a seed sprouting called?
  4. The green substance in a leaf that traps sunlight is called...
  5. An undeveloped plant with food stored, and sealed in a protective covering is called a...
  6. The process plants use to get rid of extra water is called...
  7. The transfer of a pollen grain to the pistil is called...
  8. The process where plants break sugar down and give off energy is called...
  9. The joining of a female sex cell and a male sex cell into a fertilized egg.
  10. in a seedless plant, the cell that can grow into a new plant is called...
    A spore
  11. How are plants different from animals?
    Plants can make their own food.
  12. How do seeds travel?
    • They can be carried by wind and water.
    • Animals and insects can move them.
    • Some plants explode and scatter their own seeds.
  13. What are cactus plants and evergreen trees designed to do?
    Find and store water.
  14. Plants need light and water for make food.  What is the third thing they need?
    Carbon dioxide
  15. What is the main food-making part of a plant?
  16. Which part of the seed begins to grow first?
    The root
  17. What time of day does photosynthesis take place?
    in the daytime when there is plenty of sunlight.
  18. In what order do plants reproduce?
    pollination - fertilization - seed develops - plant develops
  19. What are the three main tasks of most roots?
    • Absorb water from the soil as well as minerals.
    • Roots hold a plant in place.
    • Some plants use roots to store food.
  20. Name 2 different kinds of roots.
    • Taproot
    • Fibrous roots
  21. Name the 2 different kinds of stems.
    • Woody stems
    • Nonwoody stems
  22. In photosynthesis the plant...
    Stores energy
  23. In respiration the plant...
    Releases energy
  24. More than ____ green plants have flowers.
    8 out of ten.
  25. Respiration uses this gas...
  26. Plants without seeds may grow from...
  27. Photosynthesis uses this gas...
    Carbon Dioxide
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