Advanced Internet Marketing

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  1. Name of the company
    Absolute Internet Marketing
  2. What services do they offer?
    • Local Foundation Campaign
    • Website building if needed (extra)
    • SEO (extra)
    • PPC (extra)
  3. What does the Local Foundation Campaign consist of?
    • Google Maps, Google Analytics Webmaster Linking, Business Gmail, and Google Places
    • Google+ Personal and Google+ Local for the Business (and all their linking)
    • Facebook Fan Page
    • Bing Local & Maps, Yahoo Local & Maps,
    • Listings in,,, GPS, navigation systems, and 100+other search engines.
    • Free Virtual Web Card & Free QR Code to be displayed at your location
    • Training of key employees for strategies and social media growth, incentives, review generating, and optimization
    • Point of Sale Display Sign w/ directions for the implementation of the strategies.
  4. How much does the Foundation Campaign cost?
  5. What is the importance of a good Foundation?
    Makes your biz visible in the online + GPS community
  6. How long does it take to complete a customer's campaign?
    45-90 days til completion
  7. How often does the customer need to pay for the Foundation?
    Only once
  8. What are the five targets for Google Internet Marketing?
    • Google Places
    • Google Maps
    • SEO
    • Pay-per-click
    • Google Adwords
  9. What is Google Places?
    Locations that Google recommends when a search is done for a certain kind of biz

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