Medical Terminology Chapter 11

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  1. glomerulonephritis
    complication that develops following an acute infection with streptococcal bacteria or with viruses
  2. hydronephrosis
    enlargement of the kidney
  3. caliectasis
    the calices of the kidney are enlarged
  4. nephrolithiasis
    kidney stone
  5. nephroptosis
    low-lying kidney
  6. nephrotic syndrome
    damage to the pores of the capillaries of the glomerulus allowing large amounts of albumin (protein) to leak into the urine
  7. pyelonephritis
    inflammation and infection of the pelves of the kidneys
  8. Wilm's tumor
    cancer of the kidney that occurs in children
  9. Acute Renal Failure
  10. chronic renal failure
  11. End-stage renal disease
  12. uremia
    excessive amounts of urea in the blood
  13. cystitis
    inflammation or infection of the bladder
  14. cystocele
    hernia of the bladder
  15. neurogenic bladder
    urinary retention due to a lack of innervation of the nerves of the bladder
  16. overactive bladder
    urinary urgency and frequency due to involuntary contractions of the bladder wall as the bladder fills with urine
  17. urinary retention
    inability to empty the bladder because of an obstruction
  18. vesicovaginal fistula
    formation of an abnormal passageway connecting the bladder to the vagina
  19. epispadias
    congenital condition in which the female urethral meatus is in an abnormal location near the clitoris.

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