Vocab Essential

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  1. assuage
    to make something unpleasant less severe
  2. equivocal
    subject to two or more interpretations and usually used to mislead or confuse
  3. abjure
    "give up, renounce; repudiate, recant, or shun (especially formally or under oath)"
  4. aggrandize
    make greater; exaggerate
  5. alacrity
    cheerful or speedy willingness
  6. aver
    declare or affirm with confidence
  7. belie
    contradict or misrepresent
  8. burgeon
    grow or flourish rapidly; put forth buds or shoots
  9. buttress
    support or encourage
  10. castigate
    criticize severely; punish in order to correct
  11. censure
    strong disapproval or official reprimand
  12. chauvinism
    fanatical patriotism or blind enthusiasm for military glory; undue or biased devotion
  13. clinch
    make final or settle conclusively; fasten or hold together
  14. cogent
    "very convincing, logical"
  15. commensurate
    "the same in size, extent, etc., equivalent; proportional"
  16. confer
    "consult, compare views; bestow or give"
  17. contentious
    "controversial; prone to causing arguments, especially gratuitous or petty ones"
  18. corroborate
    support; add evidence to
  19. cosmopolitan
    "belonging to the entire world, at home globally; free from local or national prejudices or attachments"
  20. countenance
    approve or tolerate
  21. craven
    "very cowardly, lacking courage"
  22. credulous
    gullible; prone to believing or trusting too easily or without enough evidence
  23. culminate
    reach the highest point or final stage
  24. default
    "failure to act, neglect; fail to fulfill an obligation, especially a financial one"
  25. delineate
    mark the outline of; sketch; describe in detail
  26. denigrate
    "belittle, attack the reputation of"
  27. diatribe
    "bitter, abusive attack or criticism; rant"
  28. disabuse
    free someone from a mistake in thinking
  29. disingenuous
    "insincere, not genuine"
  30. disinterested
    "unbiased, impartial; not interested"
  31. dispassionate
    "unbiased, not having a selfish or personal motivation; calm, lacking emotion"
  32. divest
    "deprive or strip of a rank, title, etc., or of clothing or gear; to sell off holdings (opposite of invest)"
  33. eclectic
    selecting the best of everything or from many diverse sources
  34. efficacy
    the quality of being able to produce the intended effect
  35. equitable
    "fair, equal, just"
  36. eschew
    "shun, avoid, abstain from"
  37. esoteric
    understood by or intended for only a few; secret
  38. estimable
    "worthy of esteem, admirable; able to be estimated"
  39. exculpate
    clear from guilt or blame
  40. exponent
    "person who expounds or explains; champion, advocate, or representative"
  41. facetious
    "joking, humorous, esp. inappropriately; not serious, concerned with frivolous things"
  42. fanciful
    "whimsical, capricious; imaginary; freely imaginative rather than based on reason or reality"
  43. foment
    "incite, instigate, stir up, promote the growth of; apply medicated liquid to a body part"
  44. futile
    "trivial or unimportant; producing no useful result, ineffective "
  45. germane
    "relevant and appropriate, on topic"
  46. inasmuch
    "in a manner, considering that (contraction of ¡°in as much,¡± generally followed by ¡°as¡±)"
  47. incendiary
    "setting on fire, pertaining to arson; arousing strife, rebellion, etc.; ¡°inflaming¡± the senses"
  48. inchoate
    "just begun, undeveloped, unorganized"
  49. incipient
    just beginning; in a very early stage
  50. inform
    "inspire, animate; give substance, essence, or context to; be the characteristic quality of"
  51. ingenuous
    "genuine, sincere, not holding back; na?ve "
  52. intractable
    "difficult to control, manage, or manipulate; hard to cure; stubborn"
  53. jocular
    "joking or given to joking all the time; jolly, playful"
  54. juncture
    "critical point in time, such as a crisis or a time when a decision is necessary"
  55. lampoon
    a harsh satire; ridicule or satirize
  56. languid
    "drooping from exhaustion, sluggish, slow; lacking in spirit"
  57. lassitude
    "tiredness, weariness; lazy indifference"
  58. levy
    "collect tax from, wage war on, or enlist for military service; act of collecting tax or amount owed, or the drafting of troops into military service"
  59. libertine
    morally or sexually unrestrained person; freethinker (regarding religion)
  60. lucid
    "clear, easy to understand; rational, sane"
  61. maverick
    "rebel, individualist, dissenter"
  62. mollify
    calm or soothe (an angry person); lessen or soften
  63. nascent
    "coming into existence, still developing "
  64. obviate
    "prevent, eliminate, or make unnecessary"
  65. offhand
    "rude in a short way, brusque; casual, informal; done without preparation or forethought"
  66. officious
    "excessively eager in giving unwanted advice or intruding where one is not wanted; meddlesome, pushy"
  67. onerous
    "burdensome, oppressive, hard to endure"
  68. outstrip
    "surpass, exceed; be larger or better than; leave behind"
  69. pariah
    "social outcast, untouchable"
  70. partisan
    "devoted to a particular group, cause, etc.; fervent supporter of a group, party, idea, etc; guerilla fighter"
  71. patent
    "obvious, apparent, plain to see"
  72. pathological
    relating to or caused by disease; relating to compulsive bad behavior
  73. peccadillo
    small sin or fault
  74. pedestrian
    "ordinary, dull, commonplace"
  75. perfidious
    "disloyal, treacherous, violating one¡¯s trust"
  76. ponderous
    "heavy; bulky and unwieldy; dull, labored"
  77. potentate
    "ruler, person of great power"
  78. presumptive
    based on inference or assumption; providing reasonable grounds for belief
  79. presumptuous
    too bold or forward; going beyond that which is proper
  80. probity
    "honesty, integrity"
  81. prodigious
    "extraordinarily large, impressive, etc."
  82. profligate
    "completely and shamelessly immoral, or extremely wasteful"
  83. propriety
    conforming to good manners or appropriate behavior; justness
  84. prosaic
    "dull, ordinary"
  85. proscribe
    "prohibit, outlaw; denounce; exile or banish"
  86. prudent
    "wise in practical matters, carefully providing for the future"
  87. pugnacious
    "inclined to fight, combative"
  88. quandary
    "uncertainty or confusion about what to do, dilemma"
  89. quibble
    "make trivial arguments or criticisms, find faults in a petty way, esp. to evade something more important"
  90. replete
    "supplied in abundance, filled, gorged (used with ¡®with¡¯)"
  91. reproach
    "blame, disgrace; criticize, express disappointment in"
  92. repudiate
    "reject, cast off, deny that something has authority"
  93. requite
    "reciprocate, repay, or revenge"
  94. restive
    impatient or uneasy under the control of another; resisting being controlled
  95. retrospective
    "applying to the past, retroactive; an art exhibit of an artist¡¯s work over a long period of time; looking to the past or backward"
  96. rhetoric
    "language that is elaborate or pretentious but actually empty, meaning little; the art or study of persuasion through speaking or writing"
  97. sacrosanct
    "sacred, inviolable, not to be trespassed on or violated; above any criticism"
  98. sagacious
    wise; showing good judgment and foresight
  99. sanction
    "a legal action by one or more countries against another country to get it to comply OR permission or approval, something that gives support or authority to something else"
  100. sedulous
    "persevering, persistent, diligent in one¡¯s efforts"
  101. solicitous
    "concerned or anxious (about another person), expressing care; eager or desirous; very careful"
  102. sound
    "measure the depth of (usually of water) as with a sounding line; penetrate and discover the meaning of, understand (usually as ¡®sound the depths¡¯)"
  103. spate
    sudden outpouring or rush; flood
  104. specious
    seemingly true but actually false; deceptively attractive
  105. sportive
    "playful, merry, joking around, done ¡°in sport¡± (rather than intended seriously)"
  106. stoic
    indifferent to pleasure or pain; enduring without complaint
  107. stolid
    "unemotional, showing little emotion, not easily moved"
  108. stymie/stymy
    "block, hinder, or thwart; an obstacle"
  109. substantiate
    support with evidence or proof; give a material existence to
  110. surfeit
    "excess, excessive amount, overindulgence"
  111. table
    "lay aside to discuss later, often as a way to postpone discussion indefinitely"
  112. tacit
    "understood without being said; implied, not stated directly; silent"
  113. temperance
    "moderation, self-control, esp. regarding alcohol or other desires or pleasures; total abstinence from alcohol"
  114. tenuous
    "long and thin, slender; flimsy, having little substance"
  115. timorous
    "fearful, timid"
  116. tirade
    "bitter, abusive criticism or verbal attack"
  117. torrid
    "very hot, parching, burning; passionate"
  118. tractable
    "easily controlled or managed, docile; easily shaped or molded"
  119. unequivocal
    "unambiguous, clear, absolute; having only one possible meaning"
  120. vituperate
    "verbally abuse, rebuke or criticize harshly"
  121. whimsical
    "marked or motivated by whims (odd, fanciful ideas); erratic, unpredictable"
  122. wily
    "crafty, cunning, characterized by tricks or artifice"
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