4th grade science Chap. 13 test

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  1. A device that transforms electrical energy into movement or mechanical energy is a...
    electric motor
  2. Lightning forms because negative water particles settle in a cloud near the ...
  3. What types of energy does lightning give off? (there are 4)
    light energy, heat energy, electrical energy and sound energy
  4. Electrical wires are often covered with rubber, because rubber is a good....
  5. When lightning strikes a lightning rod electrical energy flows through a wire and into the....
  6. The current produced by dry cells is called...
    direct current
  7. What happens when the current travels through the second transformer before entering your home?
    The transformer decreases the voltage.
  8. Alternating current is produced by a device called a...
  9. How do similar electrical charges react to each other?
    They repel each other.
  10. Name some materials that are NOT good conductors...
    cotton, wood, plastic
  11. What is the name for a device that controls the current in a circuit?
  12. Electrical devices in the home are connected in what kinds of circuits?
    parallel circuits.
  13. In a magnet what describes the way the poles effect each other.
    Like poles repel each other.
  14. True or false?  Some of the particles inside an atom have a positive electrical charge.
  15. True or false?  Atoms usually have an overall positive charge.
  16. Name some things to do if you hear thunder or see lightning.
    • Get out of the water.
    • Don't use the telephone.
    • Stay away from high places and tall objects.
  17. Name some good conductors.
    metal and water
  18. A material through which electricity does NOT flow.
  19. The electricity that flows through a circuit is called...
    current electricity
  20. True or false?  Inside atoms are tiny particles.
  21. True or false?  Some of the particles inside an atom have a negative electrical charge.
  22. A region of magnetic force surrounding a magnet.
    magnetic field
  23. A movement of an electrical charge from one object to another.
  24. A magnet created by using electrical current
  25. When each object in a circuit is connected to the cell separately and one object can be on while the other is off.
    parallel circuit
  26. The buildup of electrical charge on a material.
    static electricity
  27. Two objects connected to a cell in a single path (causing one object not to work if the other object is not working).
    series circuit
  28. Where the pull of a magnet is strongest.
  29. The complete path that electricity can move through.
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