Twi lesson 1

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  1. Wo ho te sen?
    How are you?
  2. Me ho ye
    I am doing well.
  3. ete sen?
    What's up?
  4. eye
    I'm fine.
  5. na wo nso e?
    And you?
  6. aane
  7. dabi
  8. mekyea wo
    I greet you
  9. Yaa nana/agya/ena/nua/oba
    Acknowledgement to elder/father/mother/sibling/child
  10. Wo din de sen?
    What's your name?
  11. Me din de...
    My name is...
  12. Yefre wo sen?
    What are you called?
  13. Yefre me...
    I am called.
  14. Maakye
    Good Morning
  15. Maaha
    Good afternoon
  16. Maadwo
    Good evening
  17. Mepa wo kyew
    Please/excuse me
  18. Tiafi no w0 he?
    Where is the restroom?
  19. ek0m de me
    I'm hungry.
  20. suk0m de me
    I'm thristy.
  21. aw0 de me
    I'm cold.
  22. huhuo de me
    I'm hot.
  23. mabre
    i'm tired.
  24. m'ani kom
    i'm sleepy.
  25. mepe
    I want/like...
  26. mempe
    I don't like...
  27. m'ani agye
    I am happy
  28. mepe se medidi
    I want to eat
  29. bere ben?
  30. wosee den?
    what did you say?
  31. ka bio
    repeat what you said.
  32. Dabi, mente Twi.
    No, I don't speak Twi.
  33. Aane, mete Twi kakra.
    Yes, I speak a little Twi.
  34. mayera
    I'm lost.
  35. Meda ase
    Thank you
  36. Yenna ase
    You're welcome
  37. yebehyia bio
  38. akyire
  39. yese ___ sen?
    How do you say...?
  40. yese....
    we say...
  41. mew0 asemmisa
    I have a question.
  42. aane, mate aseE
    Yes, I understand.
  43. dabi, mente aseE
  44. mereba seesei ara
    I'll be right back.
  45. mepa wo kyew, twere
    Please, write it.
  46. kasa b0k00
    speak slowly
  47. ma me...
    give me...
  48. gye...
  49. merek0...
    I'm going...
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