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  1. ahurei
    1. (stative) be chief, prominent, unique. 2. (noun) splendour
  2. tūhāhā
    (stative) be standing alone, isolated, unique
  3. tūtūā
    1. (stative) be low-born.2. (modifier) disrespectful, lowly, mean, low-born.3. (noun) person of low birth, commoner, ordinary person.
  4. kai parāoa
    (modifier) everyday, ordinary.
  5. whakahihiwa
    (verb) to be watchful, alert, concentrate, focus.
  6. arotahi
    1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to look in one direction, look steadily, focus on, zero in on, concentrate on, take aim.
  7. hiwa
    (verb) (-ia) to be watchful, alert, focus on.
  8. tuapeka
    (verb) (-ina,-tia) to deceive, mislead, dissemble, dissimulate, dupe, conceal one's motives or intentions
  9. heahea
    1. (stative) be foolish, silly, idiotic, stupid, crazy, scatty, irrational. 2. fool, idiot, buffoon.
  10. māhunga wai
    (noun) dipstick, idiot - a colloquialism used to refer to someone flaky.
  11. poroheahea
    (noun) idiot, fool,
  12. hukehuke
    1. (stative) be foolish.2. (noun) fool, idiot.
  13. rorirori
    1. (modifier) clumsy, stupid, fool, (noun) captive taken in war, slave, scoundrel, idiot, rascal, rogue.
  14. tawhito
    1. (stative) be old, ancient, primeval - not used to describe people in classical Māori 2. (noun) wise person, expert, experienced person, authority.
  15. wānanga
    1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to meet and discuss.2. (noun) seminar, conference, forum, tertiary centre.3. (noun) tribal knowledge, lore, learning. 4. (noun) instructor, wise person, sage, authority, expert, guru, philosopher, savant.
  16. pūmahara
    1. (modifier) thoughtful, learned, wise, perceptive, sagacious, astute. 2. (noun) memories, sagacity, thoughtfulness
  17. ruānuku
    (noun) wise man, sage, old man
  18. hīnātore
    1. (verb) to twinkle, glow with an unsteady light. 2. (noun) glimmer of light. 3. (noun) enlightened or wise person, sage. 4. (modifier) be phosphorescent, luminescent. 5. (noun) phosphorescence, phosphorus.
  19. tāmaota
    (stative) be fresh, green, lush
  20. rearea
    1. (verb) to spring up as fresh growth. 2. (noun) bellbird
  21. ururua
    1. (verb) (-tia) to be overgrown (with bushes).
  22. hōu
    (stative) be new, recent, fresh, modern
  23. haunga
    1. (stative) be stinking, smelly, putrid, reeking, fetid, odorous, stale
  24. mātāpuputu
    1. (stative) be elderly, old (of people), advancing years.
  25. tauheke
    1. (verb) to decline, deteriorate, degenerate.2. (verb) to descend, go down.3. (noun) decline, deterioration, degeneration. 4. (noun) old man, male forbear, elder
  26. ukiuki
    (stative) be old, of old, lasting, continuous
  27. rāroa
    (noun) old age
  28. pāhake
    1. (noun) old man, senior. 2. (noun) adult.
  29. pakoko
    1. (stative) be dried up, dried.
  30. tuaukiuki
    (stative) be old, of long-standing, established, ancient.
  31. waikauere
    (stative) be old, worn out.
  32. mātanga
    (noun) experienced person, expert, specialist, consultant, professional
  33. aweko
    1. (verb) (-tia) to be knowing, understanding 2. (modifier) old, ancient, aged.
  34. mate hirinaki 
    (verb) die of old age.
  35. akonga o mua
    (noun) alumnus, alumni, old pupil, former pupil
  36. kauwheke/kauheke
    (noun) ancestor, forebear, elder
  37. tūārangi
    1. (modifier) from a distance, from afar, 2. (modifier) old, ancient 3. (noun) distance.
  38. tūpakeke
    (stative) be grown up, mature, adult, old.
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