PhVerbs Headway Upper 01

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  1. Sometimes I have problems ____________ prepositions.
    Have problems remembering /using (+ing)
  2. Come on. It's getting late. Get down to ________ your homework.
    Get down to (sth/ doing sth) doing/finishing
  3. I don't find it hard to concentrate _____ my studies.
    to concentrate ON
  4. I love to ________ time reading!
    to spend time reading
  5. Instead ____ reading, I'd rather watch TV today.
    • Instead OF ...ING
  6. Should you forget to _____ your homework, let me know in advance.
    to do your homework
  7. Do you ever have ________ (in) answering questions?
    • have problems / difficulties/ troubles ...ING
  8. You're walking too fast. I can't _______ up with you.
    to keep up with
  9. Make sure you _______ down every single word he says. I want to be able to quote him.
    to take/write down information
  10. He has fallen _______ with the payments of his mortgage. Now he is seriously indebted.
    to fall behind with
  11. Go and ask Peter. He is certainly good _____ dealing with anything like this.
    • good at  ... ING
  12. I have just _______ in the first draft of my dissertation.
    handed in
  13. Should you decide to quit, remember you have to _______ in your notice/resignation well in advance so we can look for a replacement.
    hand in your resignation/notice
  14. Why is it we always _________ off doing administrative chores? Why can't we do them right away?
    put off ...ING
  15. Stop _______ up excuses and start working.
    making up excuses
  16. I'm sure you'll ________ through the exams. You've been studying for a long time. Do you have any doubts?
    get through an exam
  17. I'm so disappointed. I'd really studied hard for this exam but I only managed to scrape ______ it.
    to scrape through an exam/a competition/ a vote
  18. Well done! A+! You've passed with flying ___________
    Pass with flying colours
  19. I stopped and waited for her to _______ up with me. Then we decided what to do.
    to catch up with
  20. Go ________ all our notes and make sure nothing is missing.
    go through notes/lists/documents (check from beginning to end)
  21. How are you __________ on with your presentation? Do you need any help?
    • getting on with
    • getting along with
  22. I'm so excited. I really did _____ at the interview.
    to do well


    to do badly
  23. I'm really hopeless _____ ironing. You'll have to do it yourself.
    • hopeless AT  ...ING
  24. Anybody can do it. It's a piece of ________
    a piece of cake
  25. Come help me out. Two heads ........
    Two heads are better than one.
  26. This job is never ending! It's due on Tuesday so tonight we'll have to burn the ______ oil.
    to burn the midnigh oil
  27. He won the election but only by the ______ of his teeth.
    by the skin of one's teeth
  28. Have you learnt it by _______? You should not hesitate when you refer to this definition.
    learn sth by heart
  29. Students are not asked to learn content ________ fashion.
    to learn sth parrot fashion
  30. Somebody has gone ________ my belongings and stolen my purse.
    go through sth (quickly)
  31. I'll think your suggestion _______ and get back to you next week.
    • think through sth (in detail)
    • think sthg over
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