Vocab 16

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  1. esteem
    high opinion's of one's worth or character OR to value extremely
  2. disparity
    difference in type, quality, or quantity
  3. catharsis
    a cleansing or purging that releases emotion
  4. anomaly
    something different from the norm; irregularity or paradox
  5. censure
    stern or official condemnation
  6. gregarious
    social and convival; fond of groups
  7. egregious
    painfully noticeable; flagrant; outstandingly bad
  8. antithesis
    direct opposite
  9. fallacy
    incorrect idea; wrong assumption
  10. fledgling
    an untested beginner; novice; young bird with new flight feathers
  11. hindrance
    obstacle; impediment; something in the way
  12. clemency
    lenience or moderation in punishment; mercy
  13. jeopardy
    an exposure to or possibility of danger
  14. indolence
    supreme laziness/idleness; sloth
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