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  1. what 5 things should be verified before prepping?
    Pt IDsex (check for previous sx scar, look for both testes)procedureconfirm fastingmedications (last given, need to be given?)
  2. what vet test should be run if the animal is younger than 5 y.?
    pre sx
  3. what vet test should be run if the animal is older than 5 y.?
    general health profile
  4. what 2 things should be up to date?
    • heartworm
    • FeLV/FIV
  5. what 3 general tests should be up to date in the pt record?
    • fecal
    • urine
    • hematology
  6. what 2 tests may need to be performed, but are not routine?
    • xray
    • EKG
  7. what are the 7 parts of the hematology that should be performed?
    • CBC (lasercyte)
    • PCV
    • RBC indicies
    • Differentials (WBC)
    • Platelet ct
    • Retic ct
    • Clot time
  8. what 3 things should be a part of the PE?
    • TPR
    • test result confirmation w. dr.
    • sx release forms have been signed
  9. what are the 5 things to remember about clipping hair?
    • pluck hair on scrotum
    • clip w/ grain, then against
    • keep blade flat
    • fourty (40#) blade
    • large area around incision site
  10. with a spay, where should you clip?
    ventral midline, caudal to umbilicus
  11. dog neuter clip-
    pre scrotal
  12. cryptorchid shave-
    like a spay
  13. dirty prep nurses procedures:
    • preliminary scrub
    • transfer to sx room
    • position & tie to table
  14. what is the preliminary scrub procedure?
    • wet surrounding hair w/ water and 3x3 gauze
    • scrub w/ nolvasan/betadine for 1 min
    • time!!!
  15. what happens after the animal is secured?
    the sterile prep nurse preps the sterile items, and performs the final scrub
  16. final scrub procedure:
    • scrub for 1-5 mins
    • rinse w/ 70% alcohol or sterile water
  17. final paint
    70% alcohol/sterile water
  18. where does the scrub start at?
    incision site
  19. work outward from the incision site in a ___ ___ ___
    spiraling circular motion
  20. NEVER return to ___ after working away from it
    incision site
  21. perform a minimum of ___ scrubs
  22. whats the contact time for the final scrub?
    5 mins
  23. final paint-
    rinse w/ water gauze sponges- scrub pattern
  24. wipe w/ 70% alcohol gauze sponges
    • scrub pattern
    • rinses away scrub residue that may irritate
  25. what are the 2 major purposes for maintaining position?
    • maintain airway
    • maintain IV fluid flow
  26. what is the most routine position?
    dorsal (on back)
  27. what are the 5 major sx that use a dorsal position?
    • abdominal
    • spay
    • neuter
    • exploratory
    • cervical disk sx
  28. what is sternal aka?
    frog position
  29. what can be used to secure the legs in sternal position?
    sand bags
  30. what are the 4 sx that use a sternal position?
    • lumbar disc
    • anal sacculectomy
    • cranial sx
    • ear sx
  31. what 3 things can be used to maintain a dog in lateral?
    • towels
    • wedges
    • sandbags
  32. what 5 sx may require a lateral position?
    • kidneys
    • long sx
    • pelvis
    • extremities
    • dentals
  33. affected leg is suspended from an overhead support or IV stand during prep
    hanging prep
  34. what are the adv. of hanging prep?
    aseptic prep of entire circumference of a limb
  35. what are the 2 sx that require a hanging prep?
    • orthopedic
    • amputations
  36. aseptic technique includes all of the steps taken to prevent ____ of the sx suite by ____ agents
    • contamination
    • infective
  37. what 3 things can occur if asepsis is not done properly?
    • delayed healing
    • iatrogenic infx
  38. circulating nurse-
    prep- non sterile assist
  39. scrub nurse-
    sx assist
  40. exogenous rt-
    outside pt
  41. what are some ex of exogenous routes?
    • air
    • instruments
    • supplies
    • skin (pt)
    • team
  42. endogenous route-
    in pt.
  43. ex of endogenous route?
    infx to wound through the blood stream- like dermatitis, or bacteria from gingivitis
  44. what 4 things determine whether or not contamination leads to infection?
    • general health
    • degree of tissue damage
    • virulence
    • number
  45. what is an example of a dirty sx?
    abscess sx
  46. what is an example of a sx that needs to be completely aseptic?
    orthopedic, like a joint sx or bone replacement
  47. what 2 things can be better if aseptic technique is followed?
    • faster healing
    • comfort post-op
  48. shoot for __ mins of contact time btw skin an sx scrub
  49. if you mess up and break aseptic tech, you should:
    • notify sx
    • rescrub
  50. what other 3 things need to be remembered as part of uniform?
    • scrubs are clean
    • fingernails short, no polish
    • no jewelery
  51. shirts should be ____ if possible to reduce skin debris
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