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  1. area where incision is made
    sx site
  2. surgical site and sterile drapes surrounding it on the table
    sterile sx field
  3. surface covered w. drapes
    to be used as a work area to hold instruments and supplies
    sterile field
  4. sterile field & area of scrubbed personnel & air space above all of these
    sterile zone
  5. all articles in any procedures have been ____ previously
  6. people who are ___ touch sterile items and people or are ___ touch non-sterile items.
    • sterile
    • non-sterile
  7. if in doubt, consider it ____
    non sterile
  8. ____ people do not reach over a sterile field
    non sterile people
  9. tables are sterile only at ___ level
  10. gowns are considered sterile only from the ___ to ____ in front and the ____
    • waist
    • shoulder
    • sleeves
  11. the edge f anything that encloses sterile contents is ____ (greater than an inch)
    not sterile
  12. all personnel pass a sterile area by facing ____ it
  13. sterile people pass a non sterile area with their ____ towards it
  14. sterile people pass each other ______
    back to back
  15. moisture may cause ____.
    if a pack becomes wet it is ____
    • contamination
    • non sterile
  16. when bacteria cannot completely be eliminated, they must be kept at an ____ ____
    irreducible minimum
  17. what are the 6 requirements of the storage area for sterilized items?
    • dust free
    • germ free
    • insect free
    • ventilated
    • temp extremes limited
    • humidity extremes limited
  18. closed cabinets are ____ than open shelving
  19. how long does a single wrapped muslin pack last in a closed cabinet?
    1 w.
  20. how long does a double wrapped muslin pack last in a closed cabinet?
    7 w.
  21. how long does a single wrapped crepe paper pack last in a closed cabinet?
    8w. (2 mo.)
  22. how long does a single wrapped muslin pack last on an open shelf?
    2 d.
  23. how long does a double wrapped muslin pack last on an open shelf?
    3 w.
  24. how long does a single wrapped crepe paper pack last on an open shelf?
    3 w.
  25. heat sealed and plastic pouches are good for ___, any longer and it should be re-wrapped
    1 year
  26. every ___ months we rewrap everything
  27. what are the 7 things that will make a pack contaminated?
    • wet
    • tape is broken/lose
    • date is illegible/missing
    • punctures
    • tears
    • dropped
    • opened and not used
  28. what 3 things are required to be on a pack?
    • date of autoclaving
    • type of pack
    • name/initials
  29. if an emergency exists, the tool can be ____
  30. instruments should be ___ before placed in a cold pack, alcohol, betadine, or boiling water for sterilization
  31. a cold pack sterilization emergency should sit for ___ mins
    15 mins
  32. flash sterilization in ___% alcohol should sit for ___ hours and air dry
    • 70%
    • 1 hour
  33. flash sterilization in betadine/nolvasan solution should sit for ___ hours
    3 hours
  34. flash sterilization in boiling water should sit for ___ hours
    3 hours
  35. what is the preferred method of flash sterilization?
    what are the parameters that are required?
    • autoclave flash
    • 270 ° F for 3 mins @ 32 psi unwrapped
  36. what are the 5 things we need to know how to wrap?
    • packs (instruments)
    • gowns
    • hand brushes
    • hand towels
    • drapes
  37. what 2 items need to be wrapped by us w/ drape/cloth?
    • instrument packs
    • gowns
  38. what 3 things can be put into the plastic wraps?
    • hand brushes
    • hand towels
    • drapes
  39. what side of the mask faces out?
    blue side
  40. all hair on the ___ and ___ needs to be covered
    • head
    • face
  41. what 3 things must be worn into the sx prep room?
    • cap
    • mask
    • dem booties
  42. what are the 5 ideal characteristics of a wrap material?
    • selective permeability
    • resistance to damage
    • flexibility
    • memory
    • cost
  43. selective permeability-
    steam/gas can penetrate, not microbes
  44. resistance to damage-
    • shouldnt rip easily
    • if torn, discard
  45. flexibility-
    should conform to shape of pack and stretch just a little
  46. memory-
    should easily return to flat
  47. cost-
    • economical- bulk/rolls
    • cotton can be reused w/ a high initial cost, but they can be reused several 1000 times
  48. cotton textile aka-
  49. instruments should be placed in a ___ ASAP after sx
  50. what are the 7 steps of cleaning instruments and making packs?
    • soak in sink of warm water and inst. detergent
    • wash in open postition, use soft bristle brush
    • rinse
    • rinse/spray w. inst. milk (if soaking, @ least 45 sec)
    • dip dry
    • check for defects
    • assemble and wrap
  51. what can also be used to clean the inst.?
    ultrasonic cleaner
  52. the US cleaner uses high frequency ___ to reach areas that the brush ___ reach
    • sound waves
    • cannot
  53. US cleaners remove all previous ___
  54. all ___, ___, or ___ instruments should get an instrument milk
    hinged, box lock, or ratchet
  55. how long should the inst. be in the US cleaner?
    10 mins
  56. what are the 4 things that should be spot cleaned or machine washed alone?
    • gowns
    • drapes
    • hand towels
    • hand brushes
  57. what are 4 corner drapes?
    4 drapes positioned around the incision site
  58. what is the other type of corner drape pack?
    3 corner drapes
  59. ___ ___ ___ are large enough to cover the tray on the stand
    mayo stand drapes
  60. how many mayo drapes are in a pack?
  61. what 2 people may come in direct contact with the sterile field?
    • surgeon
    • sterile scrubbed nurse
  62. remove all ___ before going into any sx related area
  63. how long should you scrub for?
    5 minutes
  64. what is proper scrubbing a combo of?
    proper contact time and scrubbing action
  65. never go back to ___ after drying the arms
  66. closed gloving- hands are ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
    not seen outside the gown
  67. open gloving is used when ____ ____
    prepping animal
  68. who performs the prep of the sx pt?

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