Mental health vocabulary

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  1. Affect
    External manifestation of feeling or emotion manifest by facial expressions,  tone of voice,  and body language
  2. Delusion
    False belief held as true even with evidence of the contrary
  3. Dystonia
    Abnormal muscle tonicity results in impaired involuntary voluntary movement
  4. Euthymia
    Normal moderate mood state,  not depressed or manic
  5. Dysthymia
    major depression
  6. Hallucination
    a sense perception for which no external stimuli exists(seeing or hearing things that aren't there)
  7. Milieu/milieu therapy
    the physical and social environment of an individual/ a general term for any therapeutic setting that focuses on the control of the environment to effect positive change
  8. Mood
    a pervasive and sustained emotion that when extreme can color the way a person sees the world
  9. neuroleptic malignant syndrome
    rare & possibly fatal reaction to high potency neuroleptic drugs S&S include muscle rigidity, fever, and elevated WBC

    result of dopamine blockage at the basal ganglia and the hypothalamus
  10. Tardive dyskinesia
    serious and irreversible side effect of the phenothiazines and related drugs. consists of involuntary tonic muscle spasms typically involving the tongue, fingers, toes, neck, trunk, or pelvis
  11. Acting-out behaviors
    behaviors that originate on an unconcious level to reduce anxiety and tension. Anxiety is displaced from one situation to another in the form of observable responses(crying, anger, violence)
  12. Anhedonia
    The inability to experience pleasure
  13. Avolitional
    Lack of motivation
  14. Counter transference
    tendency of the health care provider to displace onto the patient feelings that are a response to people in the providers past. Strong positive/negative reactions may indicate counter transference
  15. Dissociation
    unconscious defense mechanism that allows blocking of overwhelming anxiety stemming from disintegration of functions of consciousness, memory, identity, or perception of environment
  16. Echolalia
    repeating the last words spoken by another person, mimicry or imitation of the speech of another person
  17. Flight of ideas
    continuous flow of speech in which person jumps rapidly from one topic to the next. themes often include grandiosity, fantasized evaluation of sexual prowess, business ability, artistic talents. etc
  18. Grandiosity
    exaggerated beliefs of ones importance
  19. Hypervigilance
    a state of exaggerated alertness
  20. Mania
    unstable elevated mood in which delusion, poor judgement, and other signs of impaired reality testing are evident. During a manic episode patients have marked impairment of social, occupational, and interpersonal functioning
  21. Transference
    experience of thoughts and feelings toward one person that were originally held for a significant person from ones past. tool used by therapist
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