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  1. "Edema and dusky blue discoloration of UE, SOD"
    superior vena cava syndrome which is obstruction of sup vc usu due to malignancies
  2. distal LE ulcers with distinct borders and severe pain
    ischemic arterial ulcers
  3. target BP for 65-79 yo
    LT 140/90
  4. cardinal features of left-sided HF
  5. pulm venous effects of left sided HF
    increase in pressure
  6. location of infarction with occusion of LAD
    ant septal wall and LV
  7. location of infarction with occlusion of RCA
    "inferior wall of LV, RA, RV, SA and AV nodes"
  8. occlusion of left circumflex artery where is location of infarction
    "inferior wall of LV, RA, RV, SA and AV nodes"
  9. where is BNP release in heart
    LV in response to incr workload
  10. S2 opening snap
    mitral stenosis
  11. thrombolytics should be given how soon after onset of CP
    within 6h
  12. MVP murmur
    midsystolic click and late systolic murmur
  13. abx prophylaxis indcated for MVP
  14. pharm tx for MVP
    anti-HTN to decr afterload and diuretics to relieve congestion
  15. target BP for adults with DM or CKD
    LT 130/80
  16. beta blockers for HF
    carvedilol or metoprolol succ
  17. anti-HTN meds for PRG
    "methyldopa, nifedipine"
  18. water hammer pulse is char of what valve d/o
    aortic regurgitation
  19. where does 75% of dietary Na come from
    processed food
  20. first line antiHTN med for AA
  21. one of few antiarrhymics safe in HF
  22. ask about what allergy prior to cath
    "iodine, shellfish"
  23. drug to convert afib to NSR
  24. what arrhythmia is lidocaine used for
    ventricular dysrhythmia
  25. cotton wool spots on fundo exam seen with what CV disorders
    HTN and bacterial endocarditis
  26. retinal hemorrhages are seen with what systemic d/o
  27. cup:disk ratio GT 1:2 seen in what eye d/o
    open angle glaucoma
  28. first line tx for HTN with angina
    beta blockers b/c they reduce cardiac O2 demand and block SNS stim of heart
  29. what happens if clonidine abruptly withdrawn
    rebound HTN
  30. precaution before sex after MI or ACS
    take anti-anginal med before sex
  31. when are transient ischemic attacks most common
  32. criteria for safe sex in pts after ACS or MI
    climb 1 flight of stairs or other activity that causes HR = 120. if no symptoms then ok to have sex
  33. harsh crescendo-decrescendo murmur radiating to carotids
    aortic stenosis
  34. CCB SE
    "tachy, HA, peripheral edema, flushing"
  35. lipid SE of beta blockers
    "decr HDL, incr TG"
  36. when to take alpha blockers for HTN and BPH
    qhs b/c of risk of orthostatic hypotension
  37. criteria for contacting provider for HF patients at home
    wt gain 3 lbs in a day or 5 lbs in a week
  38. char of Prinzmetal Angina
    usu at rest ; pts often also have Raynauds and migraine
  39. 1st line med for all HF
    ACEI/ARB to block RAAS
  40. add what BB for systolic HF
    metoprolol or carvedilol
  41. add what meds for diastolic HF to ACEI/ARB
    isosorbide or hydralazine
  42. what cardiac cond is more prevalent in women than men
    angina pectoria
  43. anti-platelet prphy after MI
    ASA or clopidogrel
  44. Fen-Fen cardiac sequela
    valve dz
  45. BP in PRG when you begin to tx
  46. "1st, 2nd, 3rd line antiHTN in PRG and PRG cat"
    methyldopa cat B ; nifedipine Cat C ; clonidine Cat c
  47. 2nd line antiHTN in PRG and PRG cat
  48. 3rd line
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