lesson 4

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  1. abrupt
    happening suddenly or unexpectedly
  2. acknowledge
    • to admit
    • to openly accept the truth of a fact
    • to recognize and answer
  3. adorn
    to add beauty to
  4. defiance
    • bold resistance
    • refusal to obey
    • an attitude or behavior that opposes someone or something powerful
  5. dismal
    unpleasantly dim and gloomy
  6. folly
    • a lack of sense
    • foolishness
    • a foolish action or belief
  7. illuminate
    to give light to
  8. inevitable
    • certain to happen
    • unavoidable
  9. mere
    • nothing more or other than
    • only
  10. pamper
    • to treat with too much gentleness
    • to give special care, privilege, and protection
  11. perplex
    • to puzzle
    • to cause uncertainty and confusion
  12. reverence
    a feeling or attitude of deep respect
  13. trounce
    to throughly beat or defeat
  14. unique
    • so unusual as to have no like or equal
    • highly unusual or extremely rare
  15. valor
    great courage or bravery
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