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  1. I am
    ja sam
  2. You are
    ti si
  3. He is
    on je
  4. She is
    ona je
  5. It is
    ono je
  6. We are
    mi smo
  7. You (pl) are
    vi ste
  8. You (pol) are
    Vi ste
  9. They are (m)
    oni su
  10. They are (f)
    one su
  11. They are (n)
    ona su
  12. I am not
    ja nisam
  13. You are not
    ti nisi
  14. He is not
    on nije
  15. She is not
    ona nije
  16. It is not
    ono nije
  17. We are not
    mi nismo
  18. You (pl) are not
    vi niste
  19. You (pol) are not
    Vi niste
  20. They are (m) not
    oni nisu
  21. They are (f) not
    one nisu
  22. They are (n) not
    ona nisu
  23. Am I?
    jesam li ja ?
  24. Are you?
    jesi li ti ?
  25. Is he?
    je li on ?
  26. Is she?
    je li ona ?
  27. Is it?
    je li ono ?
  28. Are we?
    jesmo li mi ?
  29. Are you (pl)?
    jeste li vi ?
  30. Are you (pol)?
    jeste li Vi ?
  31. Are they (m)?
    jesu li oni ?
  32. Are they (f)?
    jesu li one ?
  33. Are they (n)?
    jesu li ona ?

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Croatian verbs biti be

Croatian verbs biti to be
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