EMT-Chapter 1-Emergency Medical Care Systems, Research, & Public Health

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  1. EMS system
    Emergency Medical Services system
  2. EMR
    • Emergency Medical Responder.
    • Person who provides immediate life saving care
  3. EMT
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Provides basic emergency care & transportation (operates ambulance)
    • Advanced oxygen therapy and ventilation equipment, pulse oximetry, use of automatic blood pressure monitoring equipment, & limited medication administration.
  4. AEMT
    • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
    • not available anymore
  5. Paramedic
    • Advanced assessments, form a field impression, provide invasive & drug interventions as well as transport
    • Provides highest level of pre-hospital care
  6. Medical Director
    • ·Physician who is legally responsive for the clinic & patient care aspects of the EMS system
    • ·Responsible for providing medical directions following guidelines called protocols
  7. Off-line Medical Directions
    Provided through a set of predetermined, written guidelines that allows EMTs to use without contacting a physician
  8. On-line Medical Directions
    Require the EMT acquire permission from a physician prior to administering a specific emergency care
  9. Standing Orders
    Subset of protocols that do not require real-time physician input
  10. Medical Oversight
    The emerging term that more comprehensively describes the EMS systems medical director's responsibilities
  11. Quality Improvement
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