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  1. what are the 2 types of habitats to consider when housing a snake?
    • arboreal
    • terrestrial
  2. the length of the enclosure should be no less than ___ the length of the body
  3. what substrate should be avoided for younger snakes, and those that have a habit of eating their substrate?
    *what could it cause?
    • sand
    • impaction
  4. what are the 2 ideal choices for substrate?
    • cypress mulch
    • newspaper
  5. ___ ___ can provide a warm area, but have a tendency to burn the reptile because of their slow response to extreme temps
    heat rocks
  6. what is the ideal heat source?
    heat tape under the cage or a heat lamp
  7. do snakes need UV light?
    why or why not?
    no, they dont need the vit D to absorb calcium like all carnivores.
  8. tropical species require a ___ humidity
  9. what is a humidity gauge?
  10. what is the ideal meal for them that is humane and has good nutritional value?
    humanely killed, previously frozen mice
  11. what is the trick to choosing a size prey for the snake?
    the diameter of the snake should be consistent with the diameter of the prey
  12. what are the 5 types of food avail. for carnivorous reptiles and even birds of prey?
    • pinkies
    • fuzzies
    • hoppers
    • pups
    • weanlings
  13. pinkies-
    baby mice, no hair
  14. fuzzies
    baby mice, short fuzzy hair
  15. hoppers
    juvenile mice w. adult characteristics
  16. pups
    unweaned rats
  17. weanlings
    young rats, no longer nursing
  18. what are the 3 disadvantages of feeding live prey?
    • snake/prey trauma
    • inhumane
    • poor nutritional values
  19. ideally feeding should be done in a ___ enclosure
  20. smaller snakes may need fed ___ times a week
  21. older snakes may need fed every __-__ weeks
  22. what is the main indicator of an underweight snake?
    spine is visible
  23. if anorexia is noted ___ ___ should be considered
    force feeding
  24. what 2 things can help stimulate appetite?
    • warming in warm water bath
    • motion
  25. if temperature is lower than ___ they will hibernate and not eat
  26. what are the 2 ideal methods of transport?
    • snake bags (pillow cases/breathable fabric bag)
    • aquarium
  27. what 2 behaviors indicate aggression?
    • hissing
    • S shape
  28. what 3 tools are mentioned that can help restrain a snake?
    • hooks
    • tubes
    • tongs
  29. TPR=
    • t- room temp duh
    • p- (more commonly HR) 40-100bpm
    • r- 4-30 bpm (closer to 30 if restrained)
  30. it was once believed that reptiles dont feel ___, but they do! this means ___ should be administered
    • pain
    • analgesics
  31. what are the 4 common routes to give meds?
    • PO
    • SQ
    • IM
    • ICE (intraceolemic)
  32. what are the 4 blood draw/inj sites?
    • tail vein
    • cardiac (terminal)
    • palatine (mouth)
    • ventral abdominal (midway down body)
  33. what is convenient about snakes w/ IM inj?
    epaxial muscles run all the way down their sides, these are the ones that are used! :D
  34. ICE- used for ___ ___
    fluid therapy
  35. what is the most common disorder of snakes?
    mouth rot
  36. mouth rot aka???
  37. what are the 4 common causes of mouth rot?
    **what is most common?
    • stress
    • nutrition
    • parasites
    • *trauma (live prey)
  38. what are the 3 types of mouth rot?
    *which is most common?
    • viral
    • *bacterial
    • fungal
  39. what are the 3 types of bacteria that cause mouth rot?
    *which is most common?
    • *pseudomonas
    • aeromonas
    • salmonella
  40. what 2 body parts are commonly prolapsed?
    • cloaca
    • hemipene
  41. what is the one female- specific disease mentioned?
  42. what are the 3 external disorders mentioned?
    • dyscedysis
    • fungal dermatoses
    • thermal burns
  43. what are the 4 GI related disorders mentioned?
    • pseudomonas infx
    • renal dz
    • v+/regurg.
    • FBO
  44. FBO-
    foreign body obstruction
  45. deformities in the spine, born with it
    spinal osteopathy
  46. does pneumonia infx snakes?
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