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  1. Turtle dzs
  2. MBD
    • Cause- Ca/Phos ratio, meat to herbivore, UV light (Ca absorption)
    • CS- Domed shell, Anorexia, Frozen hinges
    • Tx- Ca- IV
  3. HypoV-A
    • Cause- Diet
    • CS- Eyes!- conjunctivitis, blepharitis, EAR ABSCESS, Nasal+, dyspnea
    • Tx- Vit. A IV (dont OVD- toxicity= sloughing)
  4. Salmonellosis
    • young aquatic turtles - <4" shells
    • majority of sal. cases in humans= food!
  5. Shell Rot
    • Cause- Diet/Husbandry
    • CS- Wet (B)/Dry (F), loss of scutes
    • Tx- Topicals
    • Septicemic- SCUD!
  6. Trauma
    • Shell Fx
    • Tx- fiberglass, dental acrylic
  7. OVG beak (Diet)
    Tx- Dremel
  8. Resp. Dz MOST COMMON!!!
    • Turtles cant cough, Diet, Husbandry
    • Causes- Mycoplasma, herpes V, parasites, Fungus
    • CS- @ water surface, leg pumping, change in buoyancy
  9. Gout
    • Uric Acid around joints/heart
    • Cause- Kidney dz, dehydration, inc. Protein!
    • CS- lethargy, swollen joints
    • Tx- unrewarding, usually die
  10. GI
    • Stomatitis- infl. of oral cav. (ULCERS,ABRASIONS,INFX)
    • Parasites
    • FBO
    • Enteritis
    • Dx- BW, Rad., fecals, endoscopy
  11. Repro
    • Dystocia- Husbandry, Diet, OVS egg, small enclosure, wrong substrate, stress
    • Cloacal/Penile Prolapse- Trauma, infx, cloacal impaction
  12. Aural Abscesses
    • Bacteria from mouth, Anatomy (no opening for ear), HypoV- A
    • Sx
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