Personal Financial Management

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  1. What is Goal setting?
    • Figuring out your dreams and plans for future.
    • Short term - within next 5 years
    • Long term - more than 5 years to achieve
  2. What is My Pay?
    • Automated system that puts you in control of your pay account.
    • Access 24/7
    • My Pay is available online at
    • Or via the DFAS site
    • Or by phone 877-363-3677
  3. What is an LES?
    • Monthly statement showing all pay changes & info for the month including:
    • Entitlements (pay and allowances)
    • Deductions and allotments
    • and pay related remarks.
  4. What is DDS and what is required before leaving for Basic?
    • Direct Deposit System
    • Open account with local financial institution prior to departing for RTC
    • Standard form 1199A Direct Deposit Sign up Form
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