US Physics 331-360

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  1. Electronic steering is most commonly applied to which of the following real time transducers?
    Phased array
  2. How many lines of sight are sampled and displayed on the monitor in A-mode?
  3. While performing an obstetrical sonogram you wish to increase the frame rate to evaluate the fetal hearth. What should you do?
    Decrease the sector with
  4. Blood vessels usually appear anechoic on the B-mode imaging because:
    The reflection from the red blood cells is too weak to be displayed
  5. Image Upload
    Which echo amplitude in the following illustration would produce the brightest dot on a B-mode display?
  6. Which of the following is NOT a limitation of M-mode scanning?
    Motion lateral to the transducer is not displayed
  7. Which action would decrease frame rate?
    Increasing acoustic scan line density
  8. In order for distance measurements to be accurate in an ultrasound tissue phantom, the phantom sound propagation speed must be:
    1540 m/s
  9. You have expanded the image sector width to improve visualization of a large mass. What can you do to maintain the same temporal resolution you had before your adjustment?
    Decrease the number of focal zones
  10. What information is present in the M-mode display?
    Time, motion pattern, and amplitude
  11. With A-mode, the strength of the echo signal is represented by:
    The height of the spike
  12. What information is present in the A-mode display?
    Amplitude and reflector distance
  13. An M-mode display is most commonly used for what type of ultrasound imaging?
  14. A-mode display is most commonly used for what type of ultrasound imaging?
  15. With an A-mode display, the internal contents of a simple cyst will appear as:
    An area with no spikes
  16. What is an advantage of a water-path scanner?
    Near-field reverberation are reduced
  17. What is a disadvantage of a water-path scanner?
    Bubbles in the fluid can inhibit sound transmission into the body
  18. You are manipulating a volume dataset that was previously obtained on your patient. What is the maximum number of imaging planes that can be obtained from this dataset?
    There is no limit
  19. While performing a sonographic exam, you increase both imaging depth and scan line density. These adjustments produce the following result:
    Reduce temporal resolution
  20. What is an advantage of using a 3D/4D transducer with an automated sweep compared to a traditional transducer with a freehand sweep?
    Measurement accuracy
  21. Which of the following does not affect the time required to create one image frame?
    Transducer aperture
  22. Increasing the number of acoustic scan lines in one frame improves which of the following?
    Lateral resolution
  23. You have decreased the image sector width. Which of the following will most likely change as a result of this adjustment?
    Frame rate
  24. Which of the following ultrasound examinations would require the highest frame rate?
  25. Which of the following adjustments would NOT decrease frame rate?
    Increasing the receiver gain
  26. When you increase the scanning depth, which of the following is automatically decreased by the system to avoid range ambiguity?
    Pulse repetition frequency
  27. You are scanning an interface with a high acoustic impedance mismatch. How will this be display on the B-mode image?
    A bright dot
  28. The A in A-mode stands for:
  29. The M for M-mode stands for:
  30. What component is necessary for a real time B-mode scanner but is not present in an A-mode scanner?
    Scan converter
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