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  1. pandemic
    • DEFINITION: an epidemic that is geographically widespread an affects a large proportion of the population
    • SENTENCE: The Spanish flu in the early 1900s was pandemic, despite its name; millions of people across Europe died as a result of it.
  2. fortitude
    • DEFINITION: strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage
    • SENTENCE: Despite having lost his mother and father in one tragic accident, Ian held on with fortitude and never showed any tears.
    • SYNONYMS: endurance, resolution, perseverance
    • ANTONYMS: cowardice, helplessness, weakness
  3. diminutive
    • DEFINITION: very small
    • SENTENCE: Minions, though diminutive creatures, often cause lots of trouble.
    • SYNONYMS: tiny, petite, little
    • ANTONYMS: enormous, gigantic, large
  4. archaic
    • DEFINITION: old-fashioned; out of date; no longer part of contemporary usage; antiquated
    • SENTENCE: The archaic language of Beowulf made it really hard to read, although it was still a form of English.
    • SYNONYMS: ancient, obsolete, antique
    • ANTONYMS: modern, new, relevant
  5. exhort
    • DEFINITION: to encourage; urge; implore; give a pep talk
    • SENTENCE: Alyssa frequently exhorts both staff and students to do their best.
    • SYNONYMS: encourage, advise, persuade
    • ANTONYMS: impede, discourage, thwart
  6. antipathy and animosity
    • DEFINITION: strong dislike; ill will; the state of detesting someone
    • SENTENCE: The animosity between Sully and Mike in Monsters U was resolved when they became friends.
    • SYNONYMS: abhorrence, enmity, hatred
    • ANTONYMS: love, rapport, friendliness
  7. digress
    • DEFINITION: to depart from a subject; wander; ramble
    • SENTENCE: Professors in college frequently digress from the topic, making the lecture longer and unfocused.
    • SYNONYMS: get sidetracked, go off on a tangent, get off the subject, ramble
    • ANTONYMS: focus, concentrate, zero-in
  8. tenacious
    • DEFINITION: characterized by holding fast; showing great determination in holding on to something that is valued
    • SENTENCE: Roald Amundsen's tenacious spirit allowed him to become the first person to reach the North Pole despite numerous casualties along the way.
    • SYNONYMS: adamant, dogged, steadfast
    • ANTONYMS: weak, surrendering, yielding
  9. indulgent
    • DEFINITION: characterized by excessive generosity; overly tolerant
    • SENTENCE: The child's mother was indulgent beyond belief; as a result, the boy was the worst brat I'd ever seen.
    • SYNONYMS: permissive, leinent, tolerant
    • ANTONYMS: harsh, unforgiving, strict
  10. divisive and polarize
    • DEFINITION: to create disunity or dissension; to break up into opposing factions or groups
    • SENTENCE: The question of abortion is extremely divisive in the United States; there is zero middle ground.
    • SYNONYMS: alienating, discordant, disruptive
    • ANTONYMS: unifying, cohesive, synthesizing
  11. nebulous
    • DEFINITION: vague; cloudy; misty; lacking a fully developed form
    • SENTENCE: The politician spoke in nebulous terms, never speaking clearly about anything lest it be used against him somehow.
    • SYNONYMS: ambigiuous, amorphous, murky
    • ANTONYMS: clear, apparent, plain
  12. analogy and analogous
    • DEFINITION: a similarity or likeness
    • SENTENCE: The way Ali spoke was completely analogous to her mother's, proving that blood is indeed thicker than water.
    • SYNONYMS: correlation, likeness, association
    • ANTONYMS: dissimilar, unlikeness, difference
  13. fleeting and ephemeral
    • DEFINITION: very brief; lasting for a short time
    • SENTENCE: In the Notebook, Noah lives his entire life holding on to the memories of the ephemeral moments he shared with Allie.
    • SYNONYMS: cursory, passing, fleeting
    • ANTONYMS: lasting, enduring, lengthy
  14. penchant and predilection
    • DEFINITION: a liking or preference for something; an inclination
    • SENTENCE: Angelina Jolie has a penchant for tattoos and adopting children.
    • SYNONYMS: affinity, bias, propensity
    • ANTONYMS: indifference, impartial, neutral
  15. capricious and mercurial
    • DEFINITION: very changeable; fickle; characterized by constantly-shifting moods
    • SENTENCE: Though the British public originally loved Susan Boyle, the capricious voters saw her finish in 2nd place on Britain's Got Talent.
    • SYNONYMS: variable, erratic, volatile
    • ANTONYMS: constant, steadfast, dependable
  16. boorish and uncouth
    • DEFINITION: vulgar; characterized by crude behavior and deplorable manner
    • SENTENCE: Stan's boorish uncle was the embarrassment of his family at every public event when he endlessly told crude jokes.
    • SYNONYMS: rude, barbaric, uncouth
    • ANTONYMS: civilized, refined, cultured
  17. indignant
    • DEFINITION: characterized by outrage at something that is perceived as unjust
    • SENTENCE: Stan's boorish uncle was the embarrassment of his family at every public event when he endlessly told crude jokes.
    • SYNONYMS: rude, barbaric, uncouth
    • ANTONYMS: civilized, refined, cultured
  18. innuendo
    • DEFINITION: a veiled reference; an insinuation
    • SENTENCE: The sexual innuendos that were cleverly hidden throughout the movie made her uncomfortable.
    • SYNONYMS: allusion, hint, insinuation
  19. thwart and stymie
    • DEFINITION: to stop, frustrate, prevent
    • SENTENCE: Lily Potter's love thwarted Lord Voldemort's attempt to kill her one-year-old son, Harry.
    • SYNONYMS: impede, block, deter
    • ANTONYMS: encourage, goad, help
  20. adroit and deft
    • DEFINITION: to have or show great skill; dexterous; nimble
    • SENTENCE: Gob Bluth claims to be a great magician although he clearly is not adroit or deft with his hands.
    • SYNONYMS: skillful, proficient, adept
    • ANTONYMS: clumsy, awkward, inept
  21. admonish
    • DEFINITION: to earnestly caution; to warn against (another) to avoid a course of action
    • SENTENCE: Calvin's parents always admonish him for his rascally behavior with his stuffed tiger, Hobbes.
    • SYNONYMS: scold, chide, berate
    • ANTONYMS: applaud, praise, approve
  22. incontrovertible
    • DEFINITION: indisputable; beyond doubt
    • SENTENCE: Although the DNA sample should have been incontrovertible evidence against O.J. Simpson, he still went free.
    • SYNONYMS: incontestable, undeniable, unquestionable
    • ANTONYMS: questionable, uncertain, ambiguous
  23. voracious and ravenous
    • DEFINITION: a huge appetite that cannot be satisfied; insatiable
    • SENTENCE: Homer Simpson has a voracious appetite for doughnuts.
    • SYNONYMS: ravenous, insatiable, gluttonous
    • ANTONYMS: quenched, satisfied, satiated
  24. callous
    • DEFINITION: emotionally hardened; insensitive; unfeeling
    • SENTENCE: Tom Buchanan callously ruins four lives while recklessly pursuing his own selfish pleasures.
    • SYNONYMS: tough, insensitive, harsh
    • ANTONYMS: compassionate, sensitive, tender
  25. intrepid and undaunted
    • DEFINITION: courageous, resolute, and fearless
    • SENTENCE: Luke Skywalker was undaunted by the Empire's seemingly invincible Death Star.
    • SYNONYMS: brave, daunting, daring
    • ANTONYMS: timid, cowardly, meek
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