Papers for Exam 2

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  1. "not your parents test scores, cohort reduces psychometric aging effects"
  2. "pre-engagement cohabitation and gender asymmetry in marital commitment"
    • -longitudinal study, examined commitment levels of premarital couples.
    • -they predicted that men who lived before engagement would be less likely to stay commited or be as committed as their wives and men who wait until after
    • -random questionaires
    • -found that their hypothesis was correct. the men were less dedicated than their wives and men who had waited.
    • -limits, the sample was not representative bc it was primarily white and mid class, thru a church, ongoing study
    • -implications were religion plays a part in cohabitting, girls more likely to see living together as a step towards marraige.
  3. "changes in perceived weight discrimination among americans"
    • -this longitudinal study examined the trends in perceived weight discrimination among a nationally representative sample of adults. comparing their experiences of discrimination based on race, age and gender.
    • -their findings were that weight discrimination has risen from 7% in 1995 to 12% in 2004. all groups were affected except the elderly.
  4. the Nudge theory video
    -the belief that people can be made to change their behaviour by being gently encouraged rather than being forced to do things

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