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  1. what level of triglycerides causes pancreatitis
  2. cause of pancreatitis when alt>3x ULN
    gall stones
  3. cause for steatorhea in newborn
    low reserve of bile acids
  4. which fatty acids dont need bile for absorption
    medium chain fatty acids
  5. most common cause of svt in children
    ebstein abnormality
  6. rx for neovascularization
    laser photocoagulation
  7. rx for exudative or wet macular degenaration
    • vegf inhibitors
    • laser photocoagulation
  8. pe + petechiae
    fat embolism
  9. how does prevalence affect ppv, npv?
    high prevalence increases ppv and decrease npv

    low prevalence decreases ppv and increases npv
  10. best initial dx for arterial insufficiency?
    venous insuffieicnyc?
    ankle brachial index

    ultrasound with duplex scanning
  11. causes of saag >1.1
    • portal hypertnsion fromĀ 
    • cirhosis
    • hepativ vein thrombosis
    • cardiogenic causes
  12. cancer on upper lip?
    cancer on lower lip?
    basal cell

    squamous cell
  13. most common comorbid disorder of borderline
    eating disorder
  14. hypersensitivity pneumonitis rx?
    stop exposure

  15. at what potassium level you dialize?>
  16. quantify in terms of severity placenta accreta, increta, pancreta
  17. what is classically descrbied as cord-like lesions
    migratory thrombophlebitis
  18. most common cause of migratory thrombophlebitis
    pancreatic cancer
  19. rx for vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis
    calcium and vitamin d
  20. when do you give a pacemaker for heart blocks
    • type 2, morbidtz 2
    • type 3
  21. gerd refractory to ppi
    • nissel fundoplication
    • stricture induction
    • suture around the lower sphincter
  22. rx for aspiration in kids?
    • kinds---rigid brnochoscopy
    • adults--flexible bronchisocpy
  23. rx for specific phobia
    exposure therapy
  24. how to prevent abdominal compartment syndrome
    temporary abdominal closure
  25. blockage of aica
    • deafness/tinnitus/vetigo
    • facial loss of sensation
  26. blockage of pica
    • pain and temp loss of face and body
    • cerebellar loss
    • dysphagia
  27. aneurysm of anterior communicating artery causes
    optic chiasm

    blown pupil--cn 3
  28. eye looks toward the lesion
    away from the lesion

    paralysis of upward gaze
    frontal eye fields

    • pprf
    • superior colliculi
  29. when do you give steroids for meningitis
    if over 6 weeks
  30. when do you give antibiotics if a pregnant woman has gbs?
    during labor and delivery
  31. any cns lesion/trauma can cause what?
    • siadh
    • diabetes insibidus
  32. when do you prophylax against meningitis
    • neisseria
    • h.influenza
  33. most common complication of meningitis
    hearing loss
  34. management of meningitis
    rx based on cell counts, after gram stains and cultures are worked on
  35. you treat meningitis empirically based on what?
    cell count
  36. dx for west nile
    • igm
    • supportive
  37. infections associated with birds
    • chlamydia psitacci
    • cryptococcus
    • histo
    • west nile
  38. when do you give seizure prophylaxis for brain hemorrhages
    parenchymal hemorrhages
  39. rx for subarachnoid
    • labetalol
    • avoid nitrates
    • nimodipine to prevent vasospasm
  40. what drugs decrease seizure threshol
    • bupropion,buspirone
    • inh
    • tramadol
    • enflurance
  41. characteristics of seizures?
    complex partial
    • no loss of consciousness
    • impaired consciousness, post ictal confusion
    • impaired consciousness, post ictal confusion, incontinence
  42. magnesium stops or prevents more seiures from happening
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