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  1. which of the following is true with regard to installation at the control joint location?
    for the insertion of a surface-mounted joint, leave a 1-1/2'' continuous opening between gypsum base
  2. nails are to be driven a minimum of ____ from the ends or edges of gypsum board, when using a single nailing application
  3. the nominal thickness of gypsum wallboard comes in standard sizes from____ to 5/8"
  4. When an entire fresh surface is desirable due to disfiguration, ceiling or sidewall may be resurfaced using a layer of___ or __ drywall panels.
    1/4" - 1/8"
  5. What type of paint should be used to touch up galvanized steel studs?
    zinc rich
  6. Star (white) has a set time with lime putty of ____ minutes, when considering technical data for gauging plaster products
    40 to 60
  7. on 1/2" thick board, foil backed gypsum panels shows a vapor permeance of:
  8. when steel framing, door and borrowed light opening should be rough framed with steel stud and runners; install cripple studs___ away from strut-studs where control joints in headers boards are required but do not attach cripple to runners or strut-studs
  9. In addition to their ability to obscure minor surface imperfection with economical spray application, texture finished for gypsum board surface are accepted for their:
  10. The materials designed to conceal or protect the surface of the gypsum board such as paint, primers, texture, coatings, wallpaper and sheet plastic are referred to as:
  11. ST25 steel studs and runners may be used for framing the openings up to___ wide and may weigh not more than 100 lbs. maximum without reinforcement.
    2' 8''
  12. When required, the ___ coat, when finishing gypsum board should be applied with tools which allow feathering of joint treatment edges approximately ___ inches from the center joint.
    third - 6
  13. The maximum on center spacing of the ceiling framing members which are to receive sheet rock is:
  14. In accordance with ASTM 844-85, control joints should be installed when the distance between ceiling joints should exceed ___ in either direction or the ceiling area exceeds 2,500 square feet
  15. type X, special fire resistant wallboard that is 1/2" thick should provide a minimum of ___ hour of fire resistance.
  16. When applying wood cabinets through single-layer panels to steel studs, what type of fastener is used?
    1-5/8'' Type s oval head
  17. Gypsum board partition provide suitable ___ for most types of fixtures normally found in residential and commercial construction relative to fixture attachment
  18. The flame spread rating for drywall backing board should have a maximum rating not more than:
  19. When mixing texture finishes to be applied to gypsum, the adding of too much water to the initial mix causes
  20. Type ____ board designates a special fire-resistance sheet rock, in accordance with ASTM c931-85 and C 36-91
  21. A bugle head screw attaches multi-layer gypsum board to steel framing up to what gauge?
  22. Room temperature should be maintained at not less than ___ degrees Fahrenheit for mechanical application of gypsum board when installing gypsum board and finishes
  23. The physical properties for joint compound and tape states that the bond should be more than:
  24. ln order to use a water based texturing material on the ceillng, when 112" dmvall is used v on a ceiling and applied perpendicular to fnaming members spaced 24" o.c., urhich of the follodng will have to happen?
    the o.c. spacing of the ftaming members wiU have to be reduced to 16" o.c
  25. Gypsum board sheathing should consist of a non-embustible oorp faccd wittr:
    weter repellent papar
  26. Sheefiock walls provide up to___hours fire resistance and sound ratings up to:
    4-51 STC
  27. ln accordance with ASTItt C 844-85, screu,s should be spaced a maximum of how manyinches sn cenlerwhen attirching gypsum to rrood studs on walls?
  28. The firct attacfiment into each ceiling ffaming member ffamed with perpcndlcular or parallel to wall intersecilion according to appllcation and finishing of gypsum board, should be located out fiom the lntersection for single nailing and for double nailing or scroli applicalion.
    7'- 12"
  29. On fire.resistance Type X water-resistant gypsum backing boerd, lho average rmter absorption of thrce spacimens sdccted at random should not bs more tftan _ by wsight afrer a 2 hour immercion.
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