US Physics 421-450

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  1. If you wish to improve border definition, what imaging enhancement should you use?
    Use spatial compound imaging
  2. Selective reception of echoes generated within the body by nonlinear propagation describes:
    Tissue harmonic imaging
  3. What can you do to improve visualization of distal acoustic shadowing from calcification?
    Tissue harmonic imaging
  4. Which artifact is associated with resonance of a gas bubble?
  5. What artifact will you see in the color Doppler image if you cannot increase the PRF to level greater than 2 times than of the Doppler frequency shift?
  6. Image Upload
    Letter A is demonstrating what type of resolution?
  7. Image Upload
    Letter B is demonstrating what type of resolution?
  8. Image Upload
    The letter C is demonstrating what type of resolution?
  9. Which of the following contributes to improve the axial resolution in a b-mode image?
    Increased bandwidth
  10. Which of the following contributes to improve the lateral resolution in a b-mode image?
    Increase aperture
  11. Which of the following contributes to improve the elevation resolution in a B-mode image?
    Focusing with an acoustic lens
  12. What technique would be most helpful in reducing grating lobes in you image?
    Tissue harmonic imaging
  13. What technique would be most likely to produce grating lobes in your image?
    Beam steering
  14. A standard for handling and transferring images and medical information between computers is:
  15. What feature would you use if you wish to recall a previous exam from the PACS system to your ultrasound machine?
  16. A DICOM feature that allows you to select a patient name and have it automatically populate the patient information on the ultrasound system is:
  17. You are performing a 3D sonogram and notice the volume rate is 8 Hz. What does this represent?
    Number of volumes scanned per second
  18. Why are sonographic images usually compressed before sending to PACS?
    Reduce the time to transmit the image
  19. Using the Modality Worklist has the advantage of:
    Avoiding the need to type patient information, reduce patient information error, speeding up patient preparation time or easily confirm patient information (All of the Above)
  20. What term is used to describe a 3-dimentianal pixel element in 3D sonography?
  21. A type of sonographic imaging that transmits two pulses of opposite phase in rapid succession so they can be cancelled out upon reception is termed:
    Pulse inversion harmonics
  22. What 2D limitation is addressed by 3D ultrasound imaging?
    3D provides visibility of coronal planes
  23. A commonly used system to handle the archiving and electronic distribution of sonographic images using a DICOM format is:
  24. You are using an ultrasound examination mode that is useful for measuring dimensions of structures. This mode produces a display more similar to a tracing rather than an actual anatomic picture. Which of the following most closely matches this description?
  25. Which artifact is related to beam attenuation?
  26. What is the main advantage you will have by choosing a transducer that produces a thin slice over the image plane?
    Decreased volume averaging
  27. What artifact might you see with an array transducer due to energy that propagates from the transducer in a direction different from the primary beam?
    Grating lobe
  28. What type of focusing is performed by delay circuitry upon reception?
    Dynamic receive focusing
  29. What type of imaging results in selective reception of frequencies that are 2 times that of the transmitted frequency?
    Tissue harmonic imaging
  30. When you select one focal zone, how many pulse/listen cycles are required for each acoustic scan line in one image frame?
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